What do you do if you’re craving an unhealthy breakfast?

Marin E.
I eat it! No but really, if I want that unhealthy breakfast, I do it, and go back on track either for lunch or dinner or the next day. Life is too short to not have pancakes drenched in syrup. Another tip is try to make this “unhealthy” breakfast into a healthy one! fruits on my pancakes with a side of eggs and turkey bacon!
Devyn G.
Then eat that unhealthy breakfast! You don’t have to eat healthy every day, but maybe the next day or the following you can force yourself to eat a healthy breakfast.
Nalwa X.
When that happens, i usually eat something really healthy and then eat it, this way i wont feel guilty and at the same time, because i ate something before, i wont be as hungry to eat a lot of the unhealthy stuff
Ketaki Y.
Usually I don’t crave one but if i do, i sometimes treat myself with one. It is best to allow your body and mind to enjoy a temptation than suppressing it.