Are carbs or breads really important for breakfast? Do you prefer carbs usually for breakfast?

Ilonka W.
I think proteins are better than carbs when it comes to breakfast. Carbs are good for keeping you full longer, but, proteins are great for energy too. So peanut butter toast or an omelet with potatoes and cheese are great.
Birgitta U.
I usually prefer to eat carbs. They keep me full for longer and I need my breakfast to last me well into my workday. (And I have an active job)
Ida A.
No, they are not important for breakfast and should be avoided. Wrongly, many people believe they are needed for energy. Indeed, they are a source of energy but an inefficient one. Fats and proteins are much more efficient at keeping you full and slowly releasing energy.
Ces Rio Z.
What are you attempting to eat in the morning?
Oatmeal has 27grams of carbs
Skillet potatoes have 37grams
Greek yogurt has 6grams.
It's kinda difficult to leave carbs out unless you are on a very strict meal plan.
My philosophy on food, be conscious of the amount of food you eat, and then burn off the calories.
I use my built in samsung health app to determine if I'm getting enough calories and in which food groups and nutrition values. There are a lot of app options out there that do this.
I have difficulty getting enough calories in my meals each day. I burn too much. I'm 40 years old. 5'6 and 122 lbs.
Don't worry about carbs unless you have a carb addiction…then you should seek a nutritionist' help.
Frida C.
No, carbs or breads aren’t as important as getting longer lasting feud in your. It’s. Think about things that take longer to digest, like protein, fruits and vegetables.
Franz X.
Carbs make it easier for longer bursts of energy. Although I should ensure I’m getting healthier bread (wholegrains) and should see alternatives.
Albert A.
I like a well balanced meal for breakfast. Protein, carbs and fat. Good healthy fat. If I don't eat carbs for breakfast I get tired really fast and then end up eating more calories throughout the day.
Marina E.
I prefer a high protein and healthy fats in the morning . Typically it’s coffee with butter , mct oil , gelatin, collagen, medicinal mushroom powder , turmeric. And 3 eggs.
Anelise Q.
I used to eat toast for breakfast. With butter! That was a long time ago. After a lot of reading and experimenting I always start breakfast (after coffee!) with protein. Hard boiled eggs or a tablespoon of peanut butter without the bread. I usually follow with fresh fruit. Sometimes I will have a high protein waffle with thawed raspberries on top. I feel better and have fewer hunger pangs during my morning.
Kornelius F.
I do prefer carbs for breakfast as it gives me a satisfied feeling of being full and it's convenient is some cases. Whether it's important for breakfast, I'm not sure.
F Lvio Q.
Honestly my favorite thing is oatmeal for breakfast. Either in the slow-cooker overnight or quick oats in the morning. An awesome recipe for the morning is I add chia seeds or flax seeds as well and just a little maple syrup when eating.
Olivia Y.
I try to have some carb with my breakfast. I feel it’s satisfying but I have to control myself (not success) to not eat too much carb. 🤤🤤🤤
Lydia J.
For breakfast, aim to have protein and some fruit. The protein ensures you have received enough energy for the morning until lunch. Eggs are a really good idea. Or you can try apple slices with a spoonful of peanut butter.
Dariusz A.
I usually have some sort of protein for breakfast, either eggs and spinach, a smoothie with Greek yogurt or a protein shake. Breads or carbs rarely make it on the breakfast menu unless it is whole grain or whole wheat, and that is not very frequently.
Florian O.
Carbs allow me to have energy thorough thr morning till my lunch break but I try to combine carbs with protein based breakfast. Usually scrambled or boiled eggs
Viviane U.
I do not typically have heavy carbs in the morning. Sometimes carbs make me feel sluggish. If I do have carbs, it is usually a slice of Ezekiel bread with peanut butter
Galiano A.
Carbs are fine, however, it is important to pair them with something else to make it a more complete meal. I generally prefer to eat more protein-dense foods but sometimes a bagel with peanut butter is the best I got.
Duane C.
Yes I prefer toast scones or oatmeal for breakfast. But when trying to loose weight I take the time to meal prep eggs in casserole or frittata format. I also make scrambled eggs. Sometimes I put avocado tomato or spinach in them sometimes a pinch of cheese.
Logan E.
Yes. It is easier to grab a granola bar than to take time in the morning to properly prepare eggs. Adding in exercise makes me stressed for time to get it all accomplished in the morning.
Tony E.
I prefer healthy fats, proteins, and veggies for breakfast. Today I had shrimp ceviche. Yesterday I had shredded chicken, taco seasoning, avocado, and tomato. I don't eat traditional breakfast foods because I don't like them much, and there're not a lot of healthy choices that do not get boring.
Lester B.
Hmm.. Well, I would think protein and fiber are the most important things in a healthy breakfast. I don't think breads are really necessary, but you do need some carbs.
Piotr O.
It’s not that they are important or preferred but toasts are the first things that come to mind when thinking of breakfast. Not only because it’s something easy to find everywhere, but also because it’s a universal piece of breakfast found worldwide.
Ron U.
I do like to have some carbs in the morning , though I try not to over do it , and to make sure that I am eating whole wheat and not ther kinds of carbs
Mattie G.
I have a bad habit of skipping breakfast because I don’t feel hungry. I like savoury food only for breakfast so a noodle soup, eggs or spiced peanut butter on toast are all right up my alley. Carbs are usually a component.
Ava W.
I prefer carbs fro breakfast because they are really easy to prepare and eat. But I also like making eggs in the morning and when I get back on waking up early I can start eating eggs again
Ir Sia C.
Depends on your metabolism – mine's really quick so I make sure to have protein. And I add some carbs to get instant energy. So eggs are the main thing, but I add a couple of toasted whole-wheat bread slices to better fill my tummy.