I’m detoxing at the moment and will soon go back to solids and would like to incorporate more healthy foods and follow a plant-based diet. Any suggestions on delicious recipes?Thank you

Niklas C.
Think about baking or searing foods versus frying them. Fish is a quick meal; baked with garlic, pepper and lemon beside yellow and zucchini squash. Add a side of quinoa or couscous for your grain and it’s dinner. A side salad doesn’t have to be extravagant. A head of lettuce, diced tomatoes and cucumbers or onions with pepper and a light vinaigrette tastes great and is refreshing.
Sophia S.
Spinach salad is actually really good especially if you incorporate tomatoes, mushrooms, bits of celery, or diced apples and bacon bits! Plus a drizzle of ranch never hurt
Jessie J.
I took the liberty to attach a link oh a hummus receipt. You can serve with raw carrots, cucumber, cherry tomatoes. I hope you enjoy as much as I do.
Daniel Z.
There’s an amazing recipe for blondie brownies made from a specific type of bean that’s really, really good, and can probably be found on the Internet. I’d also recommend, for desserts, to replace sugar with coconut sugar and egg with banana.
Brittany T.
I don’t have any full recipes off hand that I can share but I will say that I’ve been trying to get away from refined sugar and carbs and also try to eat more plant based food. I have found the “cauliflower” rice to be a new favorite, as well as making pasta noodles out of zucchini. You can either buy a cheap kitchen accessory to make it yourself or buy them already made in the store. I really like the Green Giant cauliflower fried rice in the frozen section of the grocery store. I haven’t tried their veggie noodles yet but they rarely disappoint!
Zardilaque A.
I like to incorporate soup after a fast and blended veggies. Tomatoes make a nice liquid and then add veggies and seasonings to taste. If you like the veggie initially, you're likely to like it heated in the tomatoe blend. Chicken broth is the next best choice. You can also add blended fruits with veggies. Carrots and apples are nice together. Hope this helps.
Apolline E.
Roasted carrots? Wash, cut into 3rd or 4ths, drizzle some olive oil with salt, cover with foil to keep steam in, 345 degrees 15-20 minutes.
Michael T.
I like to use ground turkey, green and red bell pepper, and onions mixed together in a skillet. For more flavor, add chicken broth or fresh lime juice.
Bryan W.
Thug Kitchen makes a fantastic plant-based cookbook ! If you don’t mind effective but abundant swearing then you should check it out! I highly recommend their white bean and red lentil burger 👅💦. Good luck!!
Liva Z.
I personally enjoy split pea soup (https://www.theblendergirl.com/recipe/vegan-split-pea-soup/) and meatless chili (https://thepioneerwoman.com/cooking/veggie-chili/) when I don’t feel in the mood for animal based cuisine but still want something hearty. For snacks and pick me ups, I’ll usually do some form of smoothie with frozen berries and nut milk (I am a larger person at around 2 meters in height and 108 kg so I do require more food than the average human, keep that in mind). I also like oatmeal (boiled in water, of course) with mixed nuts and apples or pears for quick, easy and non-meat-based breakfasts. In any case, I do prefer food that keep me feeling full for hours after I eat, so I choose meals with large amounts of dietary fiber. I hope I’ve given you some idea about what to eat!
Constance A.
Hrmmmmmmm. I think it's important to enjoy eating. So maybe just go to the market and look at what vegetables excite you. Look at them, smell them, think about bringing them home and biting into them.

Really engage your mind and body in the produce section of the market and see what happens!

Trust yourself

Nicole F.
Get a Vitamix (from Cosco) or online price!! Wonderful healthy recipes, use as much organic ingredients that you can!!! Bob chance
Tomothy O.
I love purple cabbage! I make a cabbage and carrot slaw. Add shredded cabbage carrot shreds purple onion. Make olive oil, apple cider vinegar mustard salt and pepper.
Another quick use of veggies would be chopped up kale with mushrooms put it on the skillet and season with salt, pepper, red hot chili flakes and everything bagel seasoning. Hope this helps!
Micheal T.
Try an app called meallime, it has a lot of healthy and delicious recipes and you can filter by your preference like low carb and keto.
Airum O.
Mark Bittman’s “How to Cook Everything Vegetarian”, and Jose Andres and Matt Goulding’s cookbook “Vegetables Unleashed: A Cookbook” are both excellent cookbooks for a plant-based diet. Amazon and other retailers have many vegetarian cookbooks. My two favorite /go-to Plant-based meals are: quinoa vegetable pilaf, and beans with rice, cole slaw, sautéed greens, and either cornbread or tortillas. If you are eating vegan, the quinoa pilaf is vegan; beans and rice are vegan, and cornbread can be made vegan.
Dried beans, I make in the slow cooker. Follow directions as to water on the package. 1-2 pounds is what I make, depending on how many I’m feeding! Any leftovers are individuallly packaged and go in the freezer, as does the brown rice.
1. 1 pound Black or pinto beans
2. 3-6 cloves garlic, chopped, or equivalent dried, or paste
3. 1 Tablespoon dried oregano
4. 1-2 medium to hot peppers, such as Serrano, Jalapeños, etc. I prefer Serrano peppers when I can find them. I use dried chilipequins when I can find them.
5. 2-3 teaspoons salt
Add ingredients 1,2,3,4 to slow cooker with plenty of water OR vegetable broth (chicken or beef broth works well, also) and turn slow cooker to desired setting.
For the last hour, add the salt.
NOTE: Serve with fresh chopped or sliced tomatoes and onions and brown rice. Cole slaw, sautéed greens, tortillas or cornbread make great accompaniments!
NOTE II: I mash some of the leftover beans and make bean and rice burritos, adding cheese, salsa, guacamole, tomatoes, and onions.
NOTE III: cooking dried beans is more economical and much more flavorful than the canned beans. However, I also use canned beans in a pinch.

Kylian Z.
Eating a plant-based diet myself, I would suggest checking recipes out on Yummly. It’s an app and website recipe for all occasions ,all diets and all cultures. You can list your restrictions too and any additional preferences.

Tofu scramble is always an interesting and very nutritious place to start with plant-based. I would say however, if you’re just starting up, focus on dishes that exclusively include vegetables as the bulk of the sauce of meal, and not meat instituted products. You will see the great effects and then you can slowly begin to add in any meat substitutes that you might like.

Favorite almond milk: Blue Diamond Unflavored Unsweetened Almond Milk

I feel it tastes as close to regular milk as possible. Great in teas, coffees, cereals, basically anywhere regular milk would go.

Fantastic for chocolate milk!

Good luck

L Cia Z.
You can find some delicious plant based recipes at www.itslivb.com or Ellen Fisher also shares a lot of recipes on her youtube channel!
Meta S.
The Mediterranean Dish website has recipes that can be easily modified to be vegan by simply not adding the meat. One of my favorite, healthy recipes from there is the unstuffed cabbage recipe. I believe it calls for either lentils or quinoa, but if you do not want those, just don't add them! That's what is so nice about this recipe. It has cabbage, tomatoes, allspice, and more. You can add more veggies or less. Fresh herbs are a must to add even more flavor. Lots of lemon and feta cheese (vegetarian).
Raymond Z.
Considering that everyday is a great day and should be celebrated as such, I’m imagining your meals should reflect this way of thinking as well. They should be delicious and nutritious. And your breakfast should be that very much so, because you want to start your day off right. It should contain most if not all of your main vitamins and nutrients. Your milk or milk substitute, your protein substitutes like the Morning Star sausage substitute patties and other meatless veggie meat products, Then you want to be sure to include your whole grains in your whole grain sliced breads you can make into toast. You can spread it with your butter substitutes or olive oil. My sister likes to spread her toast with cold pressed olive oil and slice garlic cloves on top for antioxidant protection. Hot quick oatmeal or grits helps to give you a full tummy feeling all morning. Fresh fruits or canned if you’d prefer helps to fill your RDA quota. A fruit nut oatmeal smoothie can help as well. Lunch and dinner can be delicious meals as well. They have all kinds of meat substitutes to take the place of the real thing you can incorporate into your lunch in sandwich’s and as the entree at dinner time. Your veggie side dishes and veggie soups are also good food sources. Then desserts are the crowning course in your menus for lunch and dinner. Try to avoid too much sugar though. A good way to accomplish this is to buy your vegan ice creams and cakes. You might also want to buy a good cook book targeting a plant based diet as well. I suggest the book “Something to Shout About” by Donna Green Goodman, which you can find on Amazon. Happy Eating to you!