How early do you wake up in order to prepare a great breakfast?

Rose E.
I woke up at 8:36 today. My breakfast was quick and easy to make, but I will plan to wake up earlier next time so that I can make a more hearty meal
Bernfried J.
I wake up at the time I normally wake now—9 am. If I need to let myself sleep a little longer, and breakfast becomes a little closer to lunch—then that’s okay.
Raihana U.
I woke up tooo early because I pray, then I drink water and I start preparing my breakfast. And because I’m so lazy I prepare a simple and easy breakfast, of course a healthy breakfast
Shoaa N.
I don’t need to wake up early because I choose easy option for breakfast .. things that doesn’t need to be cooked in week and work days . In weekends I can have like egg ,omelette and other things that require time
Colleen X.
I wake up at 8:00 to put together a quick bowl of cereal for breakfast, and still have time to enjoy myself and eat mindfully. It’s a great way to reset and get myself ready to begin the day without any rush, and then start my schooling at 8:45.
Kunigunde E.
As I have a more flexible schedule right now for the days I made breakfast in the morning I woke up p around 9:30. But I also prepare overnight oats for days I have to be somewhere early and dont want to cook. They ca be prepared and hold for 48 hours if you want to prepare for a few days.
Nascimento Z.
I try to wake up by 3:45 am, but I often find that time getting delayed to 5:30 am. At my place, sun gets up by that time. And I eat milk and museli or milk and egg so it takes only 15 minutes to prepare a great breakfast.
Elias A.
I normally am not hungry in the morning. I also practice the intermediate fasting of 16 to 8. So I don't eat between 6 p.m. to 10 a.m. at this time I break my fast with fruit and nuts (usually banana and almonds)
N Ria E.
At the moment, depends. I get fatigued thanks to a chronic illness so will sometimes let myself lie in. I'm bad at making habits so have been trying to get up before a certain time given myself that extra hour in bed if I need it. Hopefully I get and stick to a regular routine soon.
Ismael O.
I set my alarm for 6:30, but don’t get out of bed until 7:30. I do some morning movement until 8 (after drinking some water) and then do an hour of bible study.

Then I prepare a breakfast at 9. My breakfasts are small and light, but help jumpstart my eating for the day.

Carlos P.
If I didn’t have my phone in bed with me I would not be tempted to scroll through social media and I’d get up earlier. Yay! Numerous Problems would be solved if I slept with the phone in another room except for nights when I’m on call.
Lonnie A.
So, I think this depends on whether I have tutoring lessons that day. If not, I usually get up around 10 am and make some breakfast from leftovers in the fridge. If I do have tutoring lessons, which is about twice a week, usually at 9 am, I make my breakfast at around 7:30 am.
Lucinara Z.
i wake up at about any time i feel like, usually around 11, get ready; do my hair, stretch, workout, shower- then i go down to prepare my food feeling refreshed
Jon Y.
Good morning
Actually I don’t need to wake up early to make a great breakfast in order of all the technology inside the kitchen, you can prepare everything so quickly, the most important thing that you must know what you want to eat on breakfast every day or day after day ,, that’s make it lots easier, for me I am not that breakfast person ,, but I am trying to keep my self healthy as I can ,,
I am going to be 39 and soon I am going to marry,, and I would like to make this habit of mine and transfer it to my future husband
So we can be healthy together
Tom N.
i don't set up a time to wake up to make myself breakfast because i don't always wake up at the same time n i don't always feel like eating breakfast
Jeff J.
I woke up at about 7am.i brush my teeth, take my vitamins with a glass of water and then make 3 scrambled eggs with a piece or two of peanut butter toast.
Laura Y.
I make sure the night before that I have what I need to make a green smoothie. In the morning making the smoothie doesn't take any extra time. It blends while I feed the dog.
Nikolaj U.
I wake up at 0600. I like to take my time in the morning. Water first, then put the kettle on. Around 0630 I'm usually awake enough to figure out breakfast and workout for 20 mins (7 min routine and 15 mins yoga. By 0700 I'm ready for the day.
Andrea C.
It depends on what I’m trying to prepare! A great breakfast can be a quick one. If I know I’m going to take a while I’ll give myself an extra half hour in the morning but if it’s what I normally eat, I’ll get up around 6:30.
Alo S Y.
I am aiming to eventually wake up at seven for my morning routine. But if I wake up before 10 I have time for breakfast.
Stephanie E.
Honestly? Most days I just grab a granola bar with a bottle of flavoured milk and then eat and drink that while driving to work. But on weekends, i just sleep in and opt for a late brunch rather than breakfast.
Margot Q.
I don’t believe a great breakfast should take a long time to make. Sometimes I’m in a rush and i can still have a great breakfast, but on a day when I am making a large and healthy breakfast for my family I get up around 8:30 and we eat around 9-9:30.
Giulia Z.
Wake up around six every morning except on the weekends when I sleep in but I really should get up earlier and I shouldn’t drink
Emma N.
I’m actually experimenting with what I eat for breakfast at the moment myself as I was literally just eating cereal and an apple which was dulling myself taste buds! I am personally thinking about what I would like to try and buy before hand and working out how long it will take to cook and eat! So guess it varies on what you decide you’ll be eating!