Should I stop eating meat? If so, how?

Shree F.
I am a vegetarian and I don't eat meat. Meat is nutritious but there are other food that are just a nutritious. Substitutes like tofu which is also a high protein food or soya beans etc

Karolina I.
No you shouldn’t, meat is a big porcion of protein. Remember how all fitness guys and trainers used to say that proteines are the Basic of a healthy life?

L Rke F.
Yes . I do eat meat but do I think it’s such a good thing definitely not. I love animals and think they should always be cared for but I’m not perfect nor I anyone so I eat meat. The cruelty put upon animals is horrible so yes I do think you should stop eating meat.

Mattias J.
Meat gives us proteins and also protect from diseases. If you wanna avoid it eat good legumes and protein food like dal. Take it as a challenge…..from day 1 to day 30 …start a challenge….and you can do it

Benedetta Y.
I believe meat is very important for the human metabolism but if u feel guilty or nauseous then stop eating it (or eat it just once ore twice a week) and start eating more legumes (lentils, chickpeas ecc…)

Anton T.
You need actually do not stop eating meat trust I just eat all sorts of different healthy food s for my health issues I face.

Hector O.
Definetly! You will feel more in peace with the surrounding nature and if you love animals, you will feel you are doing the right thing. At the beginning you can just start removing meat in some days of the week, and then in other and so on, gradually. If you feel like it's needed, go to a nutritionist which will know how you can manage the situation without feeling with no energies and front bad.

Lilou Z.
That choice is yours and your budget own. Meaning if you are able financially to stop getting your protein from meats then you can get substitutes but that requires proper meal preparation for every meal and vitamins to take every day to make sure your body does not develop a deficiency.

Bill C.
Find good vegan restaurants in your town, there's so many tasty and cheap and healthy alternatives you might find in there.

Alice Y.
If you want to and you have plenty of vegan options to go around then gladly go for it but consult with a dietitian so u can take the proper vitamins

Matteo S.
No because humans are meant to be carnivours so it is part of the natural food chain to do this. It will sustain you and keep you healthy to continue eating meat. It is a common mistake that people think meat is unhealthy.