I want a good, quick, protein-packed breakfast I can make before work. Possibly to make the night before I can grab and go. I’m not allergic to anything and pretty much eat anything. Maybe even suitable for children but not essential. Really struggle to find something new. Thank you xx

Janilaa W.
You can buy eggo waffles from Walmart or HEB. Make some waffles and eggs with spinach with your choice of fruit and I recommend drinking water or orange juice with your breakfast. (2) second option i toast bread and while the bread is to fast make a egg sunny side up or anyway you prefer and then I added avocado and pepper and I usually drink water with it or lemon water .

Ariana W.
Boiled eggs and applesauce in a grab and go squeeze pack
Chopped strawberries granola clusters and plain yogurt
Small dip cups of peanut butter and sliced apples

Overnight oats with peanut butter cinnamon

Pack small Tupperware container with seasoned almonds I love the smokehouse ones and a piece of whole fruit like a banana or apple

Haley N.
look up over night oat recipes on google! Super easy to make the night before and grab and go the next morning! You can typically add protein powder to up the protein content in your breakfast too.

Gerta U.
Have you tried overnight oats? i’ve heard they are easy to make, are versatile, and are an easy grab and go breakfast because you make them the night before.

Massi Y.
for breakfast i usually have some of these or a combination,
eggs, protein shake, high protein cereal, sausage, toast with peanut butter, protein pancakes.
i’ve gotten fast at. asking good scrambled eggs which is about 6.25g of protein each but a lot of these except maybe toast or cereal i would have to make the night before if i’m in a morning rush. maybe choose two and see how you like the combination of those two and some coffee which can help curb some hunger for crappy foods lol