What is your go-to breakfast meal?

Theresa T.
Cereal with milk, since the milk provides a good source of protein. Then, a bread product such as a crumpet with peanut butter, again for protein.
Rosie U.
It is a challenge for me to eat breakfast. This has been a lifelong challenge. Even as a child, I struggled as my mother insisted that I have breakfast. She tried everything, even nutritional beverages. I simply don’t have an appetite first thing in the morning. Yesterday I forced myself to eat the tiniest bit of peanut butter… it’s not just in my mind, I was nauseous for at least an
Hussein Z.
eggs with anything really like a white cheese sandwich with eggs and a big cup of milk always maybe a sausage and if i have no time i just drink the milk cup and buy any high protein sandwich or snack on the way
Ricardo N.
My to go breakfast depends on what I have and the energy it it gives. Carbs give you energy so what I had around me was crossant today and ate it. Days differ by the prices of food rising and other stuff.