Do you think coffee helps give you energy or takes away from it?

Gyulai Q.
As far as I'm concerned and what I know from experience and what I heard. It depends. It can have different effect on each person…. But for me most of the time it boosts my energy. And I think the more often you drink, the less effect it has.. Because your body gets used to it….
Elijah Q.
I don't like coffee at all. But other drinks with caffeine gives a feeling of energy at first but usually makes me just tired
Deivid P.
It definitely helps most mornings – I need a caffeine boost. However you can always have too much of a good thing! Buildup of caffeine after a while doesn’t help me at all so I don’t have a coffee every morning to try and not build up an “addiction”
Dwight J.
I usually start my day with a coffee, so for me it's more energizing, but i guess just testing it out for a week is going to help a lot more.
Savanah Z.
I think it gives me energy for a while, but when I’m almost done with the coffee I will start to have jitters. I think since my body does that, it wears me out and I come off the buzz of the coffee. Coffee does not give me energy for the whole day, at least not a good type of energy. It wakes my body up, but doesn’t help my mind.
Sheryl U.
It probably depletes energy in the long run, but when you have a baby sometimes you need some extra help to push through!
Le Nidas O.
I think it depends on me, what I want to get from drinking coffee. If I want to relax I drink some coffee With milk and usually go to sleep. If I want to increase my energy I drink a little less coffee a do my work
Kate T.
I definitely find it great for the moment, but I also pay for it later and find myself running at half speed towards the evening. Instead I try to have a quick boost of sugar for energy, but in as healthy a way as possible, like from an apple, or berries.
Grace X.
Coffee provides energy via caffeine, which-like any drug- your body may become addicted to & then it’s less useful. Delaying it until your natural circadian rhythm energy kicks in in the morning & mixing up the daytime timing can help. I find it also more powerful if I drink & move a bit- do a flight of stairs before returning to desk, for example. *I have narcolepsy & weaned myself off meds using caffeine from coffee & green tea capsules.
C Lian T.
I think it gives but only if you are intaking another energy sources along with it like healthy foods. Coffee is more like a kickstart so you fell more awake (personally I drink decaf.)
Abeilard A.
Coffee in the morning seems to be a good energy booster. However if u have too much of it I get in trouble while trying to sleep at night.
Evan U.
I think it has a placebo effect on me, personally. I drank coffee every day for many years. I never felt much of an energy boost. I only noticed it preventing me from sleeping. Now, I have coffee only a couple of times a month to either treat myself to a sweet snack or I have a cup of black coffee if I am feeling desperately tired. Sometimes it perks me up, sometimes it doesn't.
Lorraine Z.
In my experience, it can do both and will be purely dependant on other factors such as how well rested, fed and hydrated you are. By all means have a coffee, if its something that makes you happy, just don't go crazy.

Maybe use having a coffee something to reward yourself with after completing a task, rather than "I need a coffee before I can start doing this".

Lola Q.
It takes away the body's natural energies and gives an artificial boost of energy that the body will need to later compensate for.
Wilma U.
It gives me energy! I don’t drink my morning coffee until after I’ve drank water and worked out, though. Starting with water helps me feel hydrated which helps with my energy. The coffee is a pick me up for after I’ve worked out and need a boost for my morning meetings!
Elaine A.
It’s good for kicking your day and if you feel low. However, high consumption of coffee can harm your health. I aim maximum 2 coffees a day.
Sophie Q.
I absolutely love coffee but I find that the caffeine doesn't affect me at all. I don't know why, but I can drink multiple coffees and have a nap straight after.
Lucena Q.
I think coffee gives me energy. I actually don’t drink coffee often. I prefer drinking tea. Coffee can be too acidic and tears up my stomach, especially if I have an empty stomach.
Monica Z.
Depends, in the short term it will give you energy since caffeine does stimulate the cns. In the long term it could take away some energy because of the sugar crush.
Johanne W.
I find caffeine stimulating first thing in the morning but if I have to much of it it actually has the reverse effect. I also get headaches if I consume too much of it or when I withdraw from it. For me it is not a goto energy source, I get my energy from proper nutrition.
Let L.
It gives me energy, I always feel more energised and love the smell and taste of coffee. It definitely will give you energy!
Malou X.
My first coffee gives me a lot of energy and a serotonin boost, but any more will only cause me to be distracted and feel ill.
Laith L.
I think that it does give you energy because it has caffeine but of course if you use too much of it, it can take away your energy away by giving you rapid heart beats, headaches, etc
Claudia Z.
Well I think personally it takes away from my energy bc I like to drink it with half & half and sugar. So I think that it energizes me for a little bit but then the sugar causes me to crash later in the day.
Florence Y.
I think in the short term it gives you energy, but takes it away in the long term.

You're more tired in the morning, less tired at night, more irritable in the evening, and get headaches if you don't have it.

On the other hand, the immediate impact it has cannot be understated. When in a pinch, coffee is a great way to wake you up.

Albert U.
Honestly, coffee doesn't helps me alot it effects me almost one hour. I think a delicious breakfast and exercise helps me to get more energy to start doing things that I have to do
Linda O.
I don’t think it helps me with energy, it actually makes my stomach feel weird and makes me lose my appetite. But I love the feeling of having coffee in the morning while listening to nice music.