Do you usually have much of an appetite in the morning?

S Rio N.
Sometimes, it all depends on how much I eat the night before. I cut back on late night snacking and eat less for dinner, this seems to help bring my appetite up in morning.
Abbie P.
Yeah, I think I generally do. It's when I am distracted by the rush to do things that I don't feel hungry or that it's all good not to eat. When I actually have plenty of time to get up and get ready for the day, that's when I feel the hunger I should have.
Rey W.
No, I'm a night owl and I tend to eat a lot at night. I don't do this on purpose though, because when I wake up I want to eat I just don't have a big appetite and can't eat a lot
Alberte N.
I usually don‘t, except for when I get up really early or am hungover. But especially when I do it as part of a morning routine it helps and I stay full for quite a while. Best is when I get up, brush my teeth and go to the toilet, then drink water and take my vitamins, then do 45-60 minutes of yoga, write my 6-minutes diary, then take a shower while listening to music, eat a Müsli, ans then have a coffee and a cigarette while reading the news.
Gwendolyn T.
hi and hello , yea most of the time i have very good appetite in the mornings , a good breakfast is a good start for my days
Samantha O.
In the morning I feel like I need to get something in my system to Kickstart my body. I eat something light like a hash brown, turkey sausage, & English muffin. That takes the gnawing feeling or of my stomach & keeps me on track thinking until lunch time.