I struggle with eating enough fresh fruit at breakfast. How do you add fruit to yours?

Kamil A.
I like to take that first bite. Shop for what you like and add it to your fridge. Grab any piece and take that first bite ! trust me fruit is delicious and you’ll know it from bite one.
Alma N.
I have an apple and peanut butter after my workout, then I have at least 3 different fruits with my lunch. Then veg with my dinner. As long as you get your five a day
Claudine Q.
I put fruit on top of chia pudding, blend banana into chia pudding, make low carb, high protein pancakes with eggs and banana, get fresh strawberries to put on toast/next to toast or frozen berries to add to smoothies. Kiwifruit is excellent for gut health.
Kleianne C.
I often have smoothies where you can add all your favourite fruit (also great for hiding healthy green stuff ;)) or adding fruit to cereals and oatmeal!
Angelica X.
I bought cherries, grapes, blueberries, kiwis and oranges for all the week. I prepare my breakfast with this variety and colorful plate. I take a little portion of each fruit. This fruits resisted and during all week in good conditions.
Torcato C.
No matter what I may be having for breakfast – I always makes sure to add a cup of fruit. I mix it into my cereal or oatmeal, and if I am having eggs, I always have an orange/banana/apple cut up into pieces on the side.
Ida B.
I also struggle with eating fresh fruit with breakfast. I tend to snack on fruit throughout the day when I want a quick bite or am really thirsty. Especially in the summer it helps me hydrate and cool off. Just finished breakfast and thinking about it I may eat some now.
Denise J.
If I have breakfast without fruit, I eat them as a snack (mid morning, afternoon, etc) almost always fruits that are easy to grab and eat such as apple, banana, oranges, etc. Other option is to eat gruit while im cooking mu breakfast (ej. Having pineapple while I’m cooking my eggs). I try to eat 2 fruits a day, and as many vegetables as I can
Darciana F.
Best solution is to get A top notch blender like Vitamix. Just wash fruits and add them in and it blends to perfection in few seconds. Super smooth smoothies. Just like Smoothie King. They also use Vitamix blenders. Smoothie everyday is key
Ken Q.
I try to implement them to my diet. if I eat something sweet, i eat a fruit as a complement. its simple. if at mornings I eat yogurt, I make it sweeter by adding my favorite fruits. there are lots of fruits, and some of them are really tasty. for lunch, I pack less food than usual and a fruit. then, i'll be hungry and i would eat it. I also pack orange juice and no water. when i want to drink something, i have no other option but orange juice. if you push yourself to eat fruits constantly, then you will start to like them.
Elouan Z.
My suggestion do not force it. Try as convinient as you can. If hard to eat at breakfast, you can eat fresh fruit whenever you can. But you should stock it everytime. So you can eat it immediately when you remember.
Terrance Z.
Usually I go with just a banana or other fruits that have little fuss like berries. Also frozen packaged berries are a good choice. Bananas can also be frozen
Karl P.
When at the supermarket, I just buy fruits I really like and then I see them in the kitchen in the morning. You can also cut it up and prepare the night before if that seems more appealing for you to eat in the morning.
Tobias C.
The important thing is to make your goals convenient. I love having fruit, so I buy frozen fruits and put them in smoothies, or pre-prepared smoothie blends or get portable fruits like bananas or grapefruit that I can take with me to work if I am running behind. There’s no shame in making things easy for yourself, especially when you’re building a habit
Leo B.
For me, I do some mental gymnastics. Fruit is basically healthy candy, so I take advantage of it so I don't have to eat candy later.
Marshall T.
I usually make a protein shake and toss them in with it. I make sure it’s precut and ready to just grab. It’s easier to eat when it’s ready.
Mae A.
If I am eating fruits i usually cut it up into smaller pieces and throw it into a high protein yogurt or on top of some other granola yogurt combination that I’m eating. Another thing that I have done in the past is to make fruit smoothies that also incorporate greens. I personally don’t eat a lot of fruit in the morning because I try to focus on savory protein food but if I am eating fruit I generally always cut it up as a topping. I hope that helps
Hendrik Z.
Here are some foods I eat:
1. Banana and pb
2. Apple and white cheddar cheese
3. Cottage cheese (or yogurt) with any fruit (usually strawberries, blueberries, banana). Add fresh basil for added deliciousness!
4. Banana, or any fruit rolled in crushed nuts and frozen. Dip in dark chocolate if you want!
5. Mixed in with granola and milk, or cheerios.
6. Smoothies!

Frozen berries work as well. You can defrost them by putting some in a bowl in the fridge the night before..

Caroline W.
I struggle too, as I find fruits somewhat make the acid juices in my tummy react to them and as a result I feel hungrier. Maybe try to add fruits like bananas and dried fruit onto your cereal.
Roderich J.
I love making smoothies! They are a great way to add fruit into breakfast meals. I also love having yoghurt so I often put berries and other fruit on top of that. Also ive found that apples with peanut butter is a great breakfast or morning snack especially since you’re getting some protein into your diet 🙂
Aquilino P.
Iblike to add fresh fruit to oatmeal and cereal type breakfast foods. I also like to have grapefruit or anything citrus on the side of my plate with eggs and sausage, starts me off with some vitamin C.
Evelyn T.
I often start my day with yogurt with something in it. I like a little granola, nuts or seeds, and I like to add fresh fruit to that.
Marie A.
Start by adding a small piece of fruit and you can eat it before your breakfast and increase it day by day
You can buy fruits of the week from the supermarket every week
Nenrode Z.
I don't take fresh fruits in breakfast at all. The reason is basically I don't get time for grocery shopping very much.
Eliott Z.
buy more fruit to have on hand. keep it in the fridge to extend its freshness, and also cold fruit is more enjoyable to eat (for me). add frozen fruit to smoothies for an easy breakfast.
Frances T.
First thing that came to mind is: I just eat it. But it's actually that fruit is already on the table when I have breakfast. Same with almonds/nuts. I just have to grab 'em while I wait for kettle to boil or coffee be ready.
Evan C.
Buying the fruit that you are going to eat for the week at one time really helps. I also like to be able to see the fruit. If I walk into the kitchen and see it, I know that it is available and it reminds me of my goal. If you are a little on the lazy side. Preparing the fruit that day before so you can just eat it in the morning makes you want to have an easy option for breakfast 🙂
Valdemar C.
I keep larabars in my bedside drawer so I can eat them first thing. Also, I freeze chopped fruit on a cookie sheet and then transfer it to a gallon bag, so they don't freeze together in one block of ice. Easy to eat cold or throw in a smoothie that way.
Reginald O.
Try having raspberries, blackberries, a banana or an apple. They are east to store and you can eat them on the go if you are running late.
Heinfried F.
I pack some in my lunch every day. That way when I'm hungry it's there for me to grab instead of going to vending machine to grab something. Make it convenient.
Laura E.
on busy days i just make myself a smoothie usually with berries, a banana, maybe an apple. that usually keeps me full until lunch.. another way you can try is mixing it with cereal/oatmeal or just make yourself a fruit salad, something appealing to the eye so you'll actually enjoy eating it
Kim U.
I love fruit so I usually add it to yoghurt along with some oats. Alternatively I eat fruit first before I eat say bacon and eggs. It's tasty and I always keep it visible and within easy reach. Having a few options always helps so I don't get bored.
Villads C.
If I have oatmeal, I add banana. I also put apples, oranges and other fruits like berries in my salads which I eat daily. I don’t usually have juice but occasionally I put watermelon in my blender or run blueberries through my juicer.
Odara Q.
Puedes hacerlo durante. Dia no necesariamente debes comer frutas en las mañanas puedes hacerlo durante el dia como un snacks o empezar con pequeñas cantidades una manaza en la mañana o una banana es una forma de empezar.
Brooke E.
I normally drink a green smoothie for breakfast or have an açaí bowl topped with fresh fruit… When I can’t make (or buy) a smoothie, it is easy to peel and eat a banana!
Felix W.
I loveeeee fruit. So for breakfast I could eat only fruit. My suggestion is To find the fruits that you love the most and can tolerate on a day-to-day basis, a large group of them and then choose different fruits on different days if you have a hard time eating them try making a smoothie with bases like banana mango or even orange juice and then add other fruits so that you can get all of your nutrients without having to force down our entire plate of fruit in the morning,
Dirque A.
I try to start with a small fruit, like grapes or cherries. Then I try to make fruit the basis of my breakfasts (i.e. smoothies, a banana while running out the door, etc.). I also try to ensure I always have fruits in the house.
El I C.
I add fruits to a granola, Greek yogurt or oatmeal. A banana is usually easy to slice up and incorporate into anything. Mash it into some plain yogurt and it becomes a natural sweater.
Eline A.
I like to add dried fruit to my oatmeal. You can make a quick and easy overnight oats that are ready as soon as you wake up. Dried cranberries, dates, reasons, blueberries, have fun with it!
Everett S.
I add fruit to things that I like. Like pancakes, and yoghurt. I especially like fruit salad that has orange in it with yoghurt and honey to it. I also like homemade fruit muffins.
Gladys P.
Honestly I just started but if you make a freshly squeezed juice or smoothie yourself, I believe a great amount of vitamins will already be consumed. Also, cut a fruit you like and have it after as a dessert of your breakfast. Keep it up 🙂
Lyna C.
I learned that carbs should be low to moderate in the morning anyway, so having 1-2 servings totally suffices. I blend berries into my shake or have a handful before eating anything else.
Louise Z.
Having fruits that require less preparation to eat such as cherries or grapes, or fruits you can prepare a couple days in advance (like cutting up several melon chunks) can make it easier to quickly add servings to your meal.
Violet F.
I love to juice two big grapefruits with my breakfast. That give me just about one pint of juice. It’s easier for me to drink my morning fruit then try and eat it with the rest breakfast.
Samuel U.
I love adding fruits to my smoothies, cereal, Greek Yogurt. The colors makes the breakfast more colorful and makes my day start really good.
Alexander X.
Literally just add it to everything. Slice bananas in your Cheerios, sprinkle strawberry chunks in your oatmeal, even just a glass of orange juice with your omelette (vitamin c helps you absorb the iron) is great.☺️
Silmara F.
I don’t normally add fruit to me breakfast but I’ve been adding it slowly everyday and I have some when I finish my breakfast as well
Jo W.
Prep smoothies on Sunday nights so you can just grab them from the fridge/freezer and go. Another thing I did to help was move my blender onto the counter top so that it was even faster for me. When I didn’t feel like a smoothie, I would also make some overnight oats with blueberries and almond milk. Yum!
Am Ncio S.
In the morning I’m often rushed and in a hurry. So to be sure I eat enough fruits in the morning I have a fruit basket full of bananas and apples that I can grab on the go.
Marvin Z.
I usually make oatmeal for breakfast, with a side of bacon and eggs. Instead of putting sugar in my oatmeal for flavor, I slice up an apple or banana and add it to the oatmeal as I am cooking it, along with a stick of cinnamon and a few drops of vanilla extract.
Frederik Z.
Adding sliced bananas or berries to yogurt with honey and maybe a dab of vanilla. Fresh dates sliced up with goat cheese and honey. Half grapefruit buy grapefruit spoons to eat the fruit easily. Pre-cut papaya, cantaloupe, melon, pineapple cubes from the grocery store. Pre-made fruit salad. If don't eat it at breakfast can have it for lunch.
Bianor P.
I found by prepping the weekdays out with two different fresh fruits like pineapples and cantaloupe I can grab that on the go to ensure my fruit intake for the day. You can do it! Good luck!
Jean E.
I chop up my fruit in advance and make a big fruit salad so that in the morning I can just scoop it up and add it to my breakfast. I usually make enough for at least a week
Sabina U.
I am a bit of an odd duckie when it comes to breakfast. I focus on eating more protien; if I am going to have breads and fats, this is the meal I heat them. In general, try to stay away from a ton of sugar, including lots fruits. A veggie smoothie with some fruit for sweetness, yogurt or cottage cheese topped with berries, or an herb salad topped with fruit are great ways to add fruits without over indulging in the sugar. if I need a midmorning pick me up, I usually have an apple, orange, grapefruit, or banana in my bag.
Johnni Q.
I have been eating an apple and a spoonful of peanut butter for breakfast every morning because I only have time for something quick an drink on the go. If you have a little time to prepare something you could always have a side of grapes with your morning eggs, make a fruit parfait or buy one at the store, or add some fruit like strawberries, bananas, or blueberries to your morning oatmeal.
Violeta N.
I like to cut my fruit into pieces and change it up everyday so it does not get boring. Some days I have pear with apple and other days I have apple with orange.
Martino E.
I like to buy fruits at the store or farmers market on Sunday for the whole week. You can make breakfast the night before by planning what to eat and making sure fresh fruits are available. Put the fruits somewhere you will see in the morning or set a reminder to eat fresh fruits.
Malo Y.
It helps me a lot when I prepare the fruits in advance, and take them with me in a box sliced to bite-size pieces. It looks beautiful and smells great!
Clyde T.
Buy a week supplies of fruits and put it on where you will be having your breakfast. You will eat them when the fruita are visible and at an arms reach.
Anastasia E.
Honestly, I buy frozen fruit and thaw it for 5 minutes in a cold bowl cause the fresh goes bad. Pre-cutting is good if you are rushing! I like yogurt parfaits with plain yogurt in a mason jar
Axel E.
I just grab an apple or a banana or some other fruit that doesnt need to be prepared and eat that while I'm driving or if the other part of breakfast takes a while to make I'd eat it while that was cooking.