I have a question about breakfast and the routines. Two nights a week I work the third shift from 11-7, and it messes up my eating routines. How do I maintain my habits during these days?

Amaury Y.
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David R.
I completely understand you but honestly for me putting one exact hour per say to eat or to do something ain't that helpful as long as you still eat and keep yourself healthy i think its okay if you don't do things exactly at 9 let say cuz sometimes I wake up at 11 and I have breakfast then
Juliana T.
My suggestion is that you eat breakfast beafore you go to bed and when you wake up eat your lunch as usual if you can, or eat a light meal and than eat dinner as usual. I used to have to do so myself, work at night and sleep during the day, and even though i didn't eat a proper lunch, having breakfast and dinner as usual helped me. Plus I brought light snacks and meals to my shift to combat night hunger.