What your views on cereals for breakfast, are they healthy?

Sybille E.
I have swapped my cereal as wasn’t eating right cereal full sugars I have gone from having no breakfast at all to now having a piece of fruit and glass water and a green tea
Lonnie P.
Cereals are high in carbs and usually contain a lot of sugar as well. Therefore it is not a good breakfast. Carbs rich breakfast will make you hungry again soon. Try a high protein and fat breakfast as they satiate your hunger better and for longer
Darren J.
A healthy cereal with oats and fruits are great for an energizing but light breakfast however I wouldn’t recommend the basic boxed flavored cereals. Go for something homemade!
Tadeusz F.
That depends on the cereal!! Really sugary ones such as chocolate or honey flavours are NOT healthy. However, granola and protein filled cereals are fine. Be sure to vary your diet though, and don’t eat cereal every day! Stay fabulous!
Jacob Z.
They can be, if they are low in sugar, have whole grains, fruit even. If they have too much sugar, artificial ingredients and candy then probably not
Igor Y.
I believe certain kinds are a good source of fiber and nutrients, but most cereals are filled with sugar which is not great to eat in the morning.
Johnni A.
Not particularly. Most cereals are high in sugars; even those that are not are mostly simple carbs. A balanced breakfast looks more like lunch or dinner! Instead of breakfast, try a brunch, with an omelet or something like that!
Abby J.
I grew up thinking that they were. I would eat granola and muesli.
I only started eating eggs in the past few years.
I'm not sure. I try to mix it up each week. I've also made my own granola in the past and that is healthier and has less sugar.
Bertram N.
The answer is dependant on the type of cereal in which you're consuming. Sugary or chocolaty cereals are very unhealthy whilst cereals with fiber and whole grains can be a healthy option.
Mathias S.
According to me cereals for breakfast is not a ideal option. There are some other healthier options. But if you do not have much time to prepare for breakfast and wants quick solution for healthy breakfast then cereals are good option accompanied with boiled eggs and a fruit it will be a good combination for breakfast
Andy P.
They are not healthy. They are full of sugar. You need proteins and fats and minimum ammount of carbs in order to optimize your endocrin system.
Thibault Z.
Most of he cereals are packed with sugars and unhealthy additives. If you really can’t go without your morning cereals. Go for bran, muesli without added sugar or salt
Seth J.
Depends on what cereals you're eating I guess. I mean I wouldn't be having crunchy nut everymorning but weet bix or maybe even sultana bran is okay 🙂
Diego Z.
Thanks for your question. I suppose it depends on the eating plan you are following. I use a combination of intermittent fasting and low carb so I rarely eat breakfast and I avoid cereals of all kinds. On another kind of eating plan, plain oats or unsweetened muesli might be a healthy choice. For most people, it will be best to avoid highly processed or sugary cereals. ❤️ Carolyn
Rene J.
I do not consider cereals healthy at all not for breakfast neither for lunch or dinner. They are full of useless carbs with no nutritional value. They would give you energy for an hour then you will be hungry again. This is my view. I would rather skip breakfast than have a cereal. If I can I eat eggs, avocado, home made porridge with lot of stuff like flax seeds and chia and fruits too. The only thing that is good about cereals that they are ready to eat in 10 seconds and when rushing in the morning that is the only option for many people in this busy life unfortunately. This is my opinion, sorry if it is too long 🙂
Marius P.
The only cereal we buy is the line by Go Lean as it contains protein which metabolizes more slowly than the sugar spike of most cereals, even unseeetened ones.
Mechthilde T.
I don’t think they are healthy, though they might be nutritious. Whenever I have cereal for breakfast, I find myself bloated immediately and hungry soon after. I do much better with a breakfast of protein.
Daryl E.
I think cereals without the added sugar can be ok. Like raisin bran and unfrosted mimi wheats. My go to, though is oatmeal with raisins.
Markus C.
I don't think sugary cereals are healthy. I tend to opt for hot cereals that I can add proteins and fruits to, like almond butter, nuts, and banana in oatmeal. If I do a cold cereal I see it as a cheat food because it's tasty and easy but not the most nutritous.
Vivan Z.
I would say that it depends on the kind of cereal the person buys. If it’s sugary then of course not but if the cereal is whole grain or has fiber or improved heart health, then I believe so.
Gerry J.
They are not healthy, they are usually full of sugars that give you a boost of energy for half an hour, then later make you feel exhausted. It’s better to go for musli, homemade one (fruits, seeds) and yoghurt instead of milk
Anna P.
For me cereal is not a good choice. I find that I get hungry fairly quickly after a bowl of cereal. For me a bit of protein in the form of an egg, some fat in the way of avocado and a little complex carbs in the form of a seedy piece of toast. I live Dave's thin sliced bread for breakfast. All that being said there is protein and fat in milk and complex carbs in certain cereals!
Timeo Y.
It depends on the cereal, but personally I prefer cereal as a snack because I need a more substantial amount of food to start the day.
Hans W.
I would say they are (if you check on the box…). But also it is how it feels like. I could have chosen the cereals we give to our kids. But I have to admit, all I taste is sugar (which you feel comfort from), although I never feel “full” from them. I have chosen cereals such as “Bran” or “Quaker”. I feel more energetic, with a little taste of sugar. But most of all, I do not feel the desire to eat anything else for the rest of the morning. Just a fruit on the way to work… 🤗
Maddison Z.
I used to like savoury breakfasts (marmite and toast every day for 28+ years) if I did have cereal it'd be sugary ones. Even some "healthy" museli is loaded with sugar and you feel like there's no winning when grocery shopping. I'm really not into the stringent "eat bland oats" thing. Yuk. But I was genuinely astonished at how much I enjoy oats with coconut shavings and a little honey, maybe with some fruit sprinkled on top. I prefer it now and miss it if I ever have reason to skip it. That combined with drinking water has had an astonishingly positive impact on my general mood that I never expected.
Gail O.
Not sure if they are healthy or not, but they are one of my favorite breakfasts. Granola is also a good option alternatively.
Tom W.
That depend of type of cereals. The usual ones that you buy to the kids, isn't healthy because have lot of sugar.
But you eat oat flakes with honey, this is very healthy and you are more time without hunger.
Olivier O.
I think cold cereal is great for breakfast if it is high fiber and low in sugar. It keeps me from skipping breakfast on days when I am in a hurry.
In the winter, I like oatmeal because it keeps hunger away longer and can be topped with fruits or nuts.
Sebastian U.
I think yes but not everyday. It's better to don't use it the whole week like take two days off. For me it works because of my colon
Mae Q.
I feel that certain cereals are healthy and provide great nutrition for those in a rush. Avoiding the sugary kinds is key.
Mara P.
I would say yes, it can be healthy if it doesn’t contain to much sugar. But i prefer to have a better breakfast to start my day off well. I usually have eggs or ham and cheese with some vegetables for breakfast, also a smaller piece of wholegrain bread.
Mathias T.
It depends. I think so long as they don't have too much sugar in them that they are pretty good for you. It wouldn't be that different from say, oatmeal or a good granola or some muesli
Clara P.
Hot cereals like oatmeal have a good amount of fiber. As long as the cold cereal has a good balance between fiber and not a lot of sugar. Plus having other things like fruit with breakfast.
Silas N.
Yes if you use something whole grain with limited sugars and lots of fiber. Adding fruit and milk increases the nutrition
Christina P.
No, in general, cereals are not good for you. But, some cereals are better than others, such as Cheerios are healthier than Choco puffs.
Ulha S.
Most cereals are not, many are filled with chemicals and sugar to the point of being a detriment. I forgot the brand and the chemical but one is a KNOWN carcinogen. I know it’s found in cereal like Reeses Puffs.
Celine F.
I think cereals are fine as long as they don’t have a lot of sugar. Personally, I don’t like to eat them for breakfast. I would rather have eggs and some veggies or a smoothie. Something light and filling that will make me feel more energized.
Livio N.
Not as healthy as fresh fruits and such but they are fast and easy when you dont have time. And they are not unhealthy. And you can pick the kind with less sugar
Alberto T.
Breakfast can be a healthy and positive way to start. It can boost and jumpstart your energy along with acting as a strong motivator to get up and begin your day
Jerome O.
I don’t think that cereals are wry healthy for breakfast because many of them contain high amounts of sugar and are not made of many natural products. It’s better to eat Whole Foods for breakfast because they provide better energy to get your day started.
Hans Detlef T.
I would say that most are not. So much sugar and heavily refined ingredients, even in the “healthy” ones. If you like having a bowlful of cereal, opt for some grain-free granola with almond milk and blueberries.
Debbie P.
Ya, I think cereals is good for breakfast. Actually I seldom breakfast with cereals, may be I’ll try tomorrow because I think you suggested.
Georg T.
For me preferably a smoothie or and milk-based protein shake would be healthier because I don’t have much time in the mornings so it’s great to prepare the night before and then just grab right before I leave to work.
Anthony O.
For me, cereals are one of the choice for breakfast. However, we can't eat cereals everyday, must have different type of breakfast to get various nutritions. By the way, I am not sure which nutrition we will get from cereals, whether it is carbohydrates or protein?
Rose T.
I love cereals! I would say I definitely recommend them especially when you can’t be bothered to cook in the morning. However, there are all kinds of cereals, not all of them are healthy I suppose. I prefer those low sugar ones or just oats. But I guess a bit of combination won’t harm you. I love chocolates and honey flavoured ones as well! Everything is about balance😉
Hanne F.
For me most cereals don't have enough protein and are not a good start to the day. On occasion I do like my homemade granola though.
Frieder X.
There might be some that are, but in general no.
You'd probably need to do some serious research to find a good one.
Ava J.
Maybe if you add fruit, but cereal often has a lot of sugar and not very many vitamins and little protein. Try oatmeal with fruits and nuts instead!
Almiro N.
Whole grain, using low fat milk or almond milk u sweetened. Make sure portions are appropriate cause it’s easy to have a lot which is many carbohydrates. Just make sure they are good carbs like whole grain and NOT added sugar. You can add bananas and fruit to cereal that makes it healthier. Another great add is granola.
Katie P.
I enjoy eating cereal for breakfast. Although it is tasty, I find that the majority of cereals available are not necessarily healthy.
Tyrone E.
I like cereal for breakfast, I think it's one of the best meals – it's quick, easy and tasty. However, I don't know how healthy it is. Certainly some cereal is healthier than others – check the nutritional information and choose what's best for you.
Tarc Sio Q.
I love cereal. But, it depends on the kind of cereal and “milk” you use, as to whether or not it’s a healthy choice.
A good low-sugar granola paired with a sugar free nut milk of your choice would be a good option, giving you sustained energy and satiation to last until lunch.
Carrie P.
At least I have something in morning. In my opinion, cereal and dried fruits with milk is healthy enough in rush hour. I will try to add one boiled egg
Alexander Y.
Cereal is often high in sugar and carbohydrates. Although it may offer some benefit as a quick pick me up, it ultimately leaves me feeling hungrier, crashed from the sugar, and unfulfilled.
Jeppe E.
Depends on the cereal; most cereals are very sugary and don't offer much in the way of nutrition, while others contain fiber and decently heathy nutrients.
Kassandra X.
They can be. I think a lot of cereals are jam packed with sugar, and sometimes not the ones you'd expect! I personally don't eat a lot of cereal, but I think if you can find something with whole grains and protein, you can spice it up with some fruiy to make it more tasty.
Katrine Y.
It depends on the type, I’d say. I mean, if you eat Fruit Loops every day, it’s probably not the best choice. But whole grain cereals, or granola cereals are a better pick.
Sergio P.
It depends what kind od cereals. If it is musli with fruits and nuts and no adres sugar, that's great. If you buy sweeten cereals that is not do healthy.
Ricky Y.
No, cereal is mostly processed sugar to me and is more of a treat like that of a pastry of which I would rather have the pastry.
Liva U.
I think it depends on the cereal. I don’t see why a not-too-sugary cereal couldn’t be a good breakfast, especially with a banana or something.
Perry O.
Cereals are a great source of energy and eating energy rich food in the morning is very important hence they are a good option for breakfast
Jakob B.
In my opinion cereals can be healthy, but not always. I think you should go for ones that have low sugar like Rice Crisps. Also you can add fruit like bananas, blue berries and strawberries.
Gundi O.
Provided the cereal isn't high in sugar, but is high in fibre then I think it can form part of a health balanced breakfast.
Hilda F.
It depends on the cereal. Some granolas for example can be really healthy but most cereals contain so much sugar that in outweighs any of nutrional value
Amadeu C.
Some are, I think. I like Bran flakes with raspberries and blueberries. Plus, it's fast, so there's little excuse to not eat. But, I stay away from the sugary one with animals playing sports on the box.
Leta P.
Cereals are okay to eat for a snack but I personally do not believe it is healthy based on research. Try eating low sugar fruits, cucumbers and avocados or eggs if your not allergic or against animal products…