Do I have to eat breakfast even if I’m not hungry?

Daiara A.
Breakfast is a crucial part of the day, so yes, its a good idea to eat breakfast even if you're not hungry. Just start little, like a fruit or some nuts. These healthy options are always better than a muffin or cookies because they keep you energized for longer.
Tasnim N.
Yes , obviously you need to eat breakfast, hangry you were or not, because breakfast is the first main source of energy for your day, if you did not take it, after a few hours, I swear you will be lazy and tiered with a stomach starving so yeah you need to eat breakfast and it should be healthy and full of good ingredients
Lindsay C.
No. A lot of people rarely have breakfast and still live well. Breakfast is a choice, so you can skip it if you don't feel like eating.
Steve J.
Maybe you should start with something light, like a glassa of water and then pay attention on how you feel. Having energy for the day is important, but do not force yourself, bring something with you in case you'll get hungry later!