How important is protein in a breakfast? What’s the effect it has on your body versus a sugary breakfast?

Ilse Y.
Protein slows down sugar i Just learned. I did not know it was in peanutbutter, but i love the Apple peanutbutter idea and the muesli/yoghurt honey.

Protein make you feel full for a longer time so you don't pick snacks. And someone told me once: the first thing you put in your mouth is the fuel of the Day. Beautiful.

Fred U.
Protein as simple as bacon or eggs for breakfast is like a kickstart to your morning compared to a sugary breakfast giving you little to no energy.
Tristan C.
Protein keeps you fuller for longer without raising the blood sugar too high thus giving you longer energy spans. Protein also boosts motabolism as well as improves ability in the gym
Thea B.
It gives you a better type of energy, one that lasts longer and is better for your body as a whole, therefore making you a healthier person.
Patsy Z.
Protien can help you feel energized throughout the day for a long period of time, where are sugar will keep you energized for a short period of time and you will crash.