What should I do for fried egg?

Jules O.
First off, but eggs you enjoy eating. If you like pasteurized free-range organic eggs, get those so you’re egg-cited to eat them. Then grab a non-stick frying pan and a good spatula. A little bit of oil or butter to double make sure your egg won’t stick. Crack your egg into the pan on medium heat. Cook the egg until it how you like it (sunny side up, over easy/medium/hard, etc.). A fool proof way of making it over over easy is to pop a lid on pan so the steam cooks the top part of the egg. Remove from the pan and season with whatever you enjoy. Then dig in!

Silvana S.
For the perfect fried egg, you need to be a little patient.. get some veg oil in your frying pan, turn the heat to low / medium low, crack you egg in whole or is still cold, this way the egg is hearing up with the pan and the bottom of the egg stays nice and white and soft, rather than going crispy. Pit a pan kid over it (preferably clear if you have it) do the to cos at the same time! Hey solve seasoning on there whilst you're cooking it

Bob T.
Honestly I don’t know anything about how to make a fried egg, all I know is I don’t really like the taste. So I’ve never bothered learning anything about it nor do I care for it really.

Vianei F.
A fried egg contains more calories than a boiled egg as we use butter or oil to fry it with. It is not recommend for a healthy breakfast in my opinion.

Olenka Y.
A non-stick skillet heated with 1/2 t unsalted butter or olive oil are keys to the perfect fried egg. Crack egg into hot pan, cook until white is almost set and gently flip to finish cooking second side. This goes fast; the longer you cook, the more firm the yolk. Season with favorite herbs, hot sauce, or a pinch each of salt and pepper. Enjoy!

Wyatt C.
A non stick pan is your best friend; regardless, cooking oil is a must. Use more in a pan that's NOT non-stick. The oil helps so the egg doesn't stick and so the edges are crispy. Be careful and dont use too much or you might get burned when it pops.

A thin spatula helps get under the egg better too.

To start: coat the pan in oil evenly and heat the burner to a medium heat. And wait for the pan to heat up. If you place an egg on a cold pan I notice it thins out too much. This way the egg starts cooking right away.

Wait until the majority of the whites are cooked until you flip. Wait some more until you reach your desired yoke consistency and the white are cooked.

This last part will take some time to experiment with timing on your stove etc. Be patient. Even if the egg broke, it'll still taste good. Spices like curry and basil or just salt and pepper go great in my opinion.

Penny J.
Turn on your stove, put oil in a frying pan, break the egg in the rating pan. And then wait until the egg white turns a deep white, then remove the egg

Morris P.
Crack an egg or two in the skillet. Then add spinach, pepper, cheese, chopped ham, etc. Scramble it up or make an omelette.

Helmtrud Y.
Heat a pan to medium on a stove. Put a small bit of olive oil. Crack an egg into the pan and add salt and pepper. Cover with a lid for a minute or two. When the white part is solid, use a spatula to take it off. Smother with hot sauce and eat it. Even better, have some whole wheat toast or a bagel with it.

Titouan N.
Meal with frid egg is a very perfect one, a thousand of variation can be made. Dont stress it, since egg is also a key protein, you can mix it with bread, bacon, ham, CHEESE!, or accompany it with broccoli, sweet corn, anything can do.

Salvador P.
I just fry my egg in a little butter or margarine, salt and pepper. I also love to add spinach to my eggs with some feta, salt, pepper, and garlic powder. Healthy and delicious. Hope that answers your question!

Victoria C.
Um weird question, but I guys crack the egg over a pan and fry it, work out after my breakfast not immediately after because my tummy will be upset but maybe after 30 or and hour. That's all I've got.

Jayden E.
Try alternatives such as scrambled eggs or poached egg. These are easier to cook in a microwave, quick, and better for you than a fried egg.

Ivani Y.
Step 1
Crack 1 to 4 eggs into a bowl

Step 2
Heat your pan to medium temperature and coat with butter, olive oil,
spread or cooking spray (whichever you’d like, I prefer butter).

Step 3
Pour eggs 🥚 🍳 into the hot pan, season🧂 with a little salt and pepper (Reasonable amounts according to your health and fitness needs).

Step 4
Let cook until desired egg yolk is left.

Step 5
Serve with 🥯 🍞 🥖 toast/biscuits/bagels/english muffins and 🍇🍐🍑🍍🍅🍊 🍓 🍉 🍌🥝🍎 or with your other desired breakfast items.

Enjoy 😉

Randall Z.
First heat a pan over medium high heat then add butter when the butter is nice and melted crack an egg into the pan let cook until it's mostly white then flip for about 20 seconds and serve and enjoy

Kyle N.
Nothing. If it is what you are craving and within your calorie budget for the day, go for it. Depriving yourself never results in long term success. A fried egg shouldn’t be an everyday thing, though. Think about what you can substitute for it. Will scrambled eggs without all the extra fat and oil work?

Mads F.
Hi! You’re asking it to a vegan :). So I don’t eat eggs. What I normally eat is scrambled tofu with tomatoes. High on protein, low on fat (and no cruelty). Love it! Good luck with your search.

William P.
I should eat it with an healthy meal recipe but try to half boil the egg than frying it as this will give more nutrient compare to the frying ones.

Claude Q.
Take a tablespoon of oil at a medium heat in a non stick pan and crack the egg into the pan. cook until the white is all hard

Malthe C.
I personally have the pan out and oil near the evening before. Once I wake up I grab my water, walk to the kitchen and start cooking

Dietlind S.
You should fry some bacon too and some fries and eat it with bread and salad. Not the healthiest option but sure enjoyable