What are some easy breakfast ideas? Breakfast is my hardest meal.

Arumita A.
You could have a milkshake with banana and strawberry. You can also have a couple of fruits and a handful of dry fruits. Most of the time, I eat a bowl of cereal because that is the quickest thing to make, but I try to avoid the sugary ones.
Sim O I.
Eggs, u can di them in sooo many variations and they will keep u full rof a very long time. But remember ab the cholesterol cause it may be dangerous. Always remember to mix differnet ingriedients
Vilma C.
Maybe you could try and eat some cereal or just have a protein bar if your in a hurry I always try and eat breakfast but if you can’t you could always have brunch. But here are some easy breakfast recipes I found online that are one of my faves: Avo of toast, scrambled eggs, oatmeal or you could just stack PB with bread.