What do you eat for breakfast when you need to get on the road in a hurry?

Angie X.
If I'm in a hurry, I usually just eat a protein bar and maybe take one more with me. They fill me up and they're good for the body.
Ally Y.
When I am in a hurry I make toast and i toast the bread then I put butter and jelly on it and then I do what I have to do.:)
Emily E.
Probably a smoothie so I can take it with me. Making sure to add lots of protein (for e.g. fat free greek yoghurt/seeds) and a handful of greens along with some low sugar fruits.
Kathryn F.
I usually will put in a container a handful of granola, nuts, and two kinds of berries and eat it while I am on the go. I don't feel incredibly hungry when I'm up and about but I will get hungry eventually through the morning so I will keep the container on me and just munch whenever I can!
Sofia P.
A cereal bar is great! Usually I don’t have those around so I grab a fruit like bananas or maybe an apple. A quick cheese sandwich also works and is usually more filling, and of course don’t forget your water!
Kunal F.
I usually like a prantha made with ghee and take it with butter or curd. Then, a nice cup of tea. That doesn't take much time. But if in a hurry, I can skip breakfast as part of an intermittent fast and go on with it. One can try some smoothies too. They are easy to make and don't take much time. Nutritious as well.