At what point in your morning routine do you eat breakfast (i.e. early on / later), and how does this affect your energy levels for the entire routine? (i.e. if later, do you feel more / less spunky?)

Rolf U.
Hi there,
Well, I wake up very early in the morning and as a morning person I prefer to have my breakfast around 8-9 am so I can have flexible time left to have lunch, a snack and dinner. And especially dinner, to be able to have it at least an hour before bed time as it's healthier for your body. And as for feeling spunkier, it doesn't have to be as late as possible to feel spunky, you can have it early in the morning so then you'll feel pretty energised and ready for the day, I mean I don't deny the fact that you'll feel hungry earlier than when having it later, but when having it early and as mentioned before it'll give you the time to have all the meals and by that you will feel spunky for the whole day, plus that's very healthy for the body. That's it, I hope I did satisfy my message with the answer to your question.

Kayanat U.
When I first wake up. Then I first drink water and then stretch a bit. I usually eat breakfast at a later time of the morning and it does not make me feel spunky. But I noticed that when I ate something sugary for breakfast then I ended up feeling lousy and tired and have that weird nauseatic feeling.

Marziyeh U.
Drink water, exercise and then breakfast. I eat as much as I can and keep telling myself that it gonna help me to have more energy during the day. Because if I get hungry I can not continue working. I dont take my meal befor exercise because if I eat I will be so heavy and not any more capable of doing it and also I heared doing exercise with full stomake may cause appendix(although I am not sure)

Laurete Z.
It's one of the first things I do after making my bed. The later I eat the worse I feel, which is also due to my generally low blood pressure.

Miguel Y.
I eat my breakfast about an hour after I wake up. That's usually 10 or 10:30 in the morning. My energy levels have improved since I started this.

Joslyn P.
I eat breakfast very early on in the morning. When I wake up the first thing I do is make my bed and then go downstairs for a glass of water and a nice breakfast. I find eating my breakfast earlier makes me feel more energized earlier in the day. I start my classes early, so an early breakfast is necessary no matter what.

Vivi N.
I usually eat right before brushing my teeth. This way I feel more energized throughout the morning and later on I can fit in a lunch in my stomach too.

Steffen U.
I usually wait until I’ve had at least half a Nalgene-sized bottle of water (roughly 500ml) before sit down to eat. That way I’ve got a jump start on my daily water intake and I’ve allowed myself to start getting hungry. It tends to give me a boost and propel me into my workout which is the next step of my routine.

Kleanthis E.
It depends on what time do you exercise. Also it depends on what type of exercise you are doing. For example if you want to do weight training in the morning you should have eaten something ( mix of protein + carb ) 1-2 hours prior so as to have energy. On the other hand running doesn’t require for y to eat something ( of course if your goal is to lose weight ). So your breakfast time should really be unique for your program and your goals.
I wish you good luck ❤️

Flenn U.
I like eating breakfast after I’ve done everything else in my morning routine because I am more hungry and it feels like a reward

No Lle S.
I actually already ate breakfast every morning, with the whole family together. It is the start of the day, and it gives me fresh energy to be ready for school. I cycle 30 km to school in total every day, so I really need the energy.
If I wouldn't eat breakfast, I probably will feel tired and I wouldn't be able to be productive/concentrate on my work.
Eating breakfast is really important for me and a good beginning of the day!

Amijah X.
Well I get dressed, brush my teeth and wash my face, then I make my bed then I eat breakfast. It makes me feel more enlightened and secure.

More C6 N.
I usually eat breakfast later on 10/11 am. It makes me feel less energized and I would love to eat earlier but I wake up before my parents and I'm not allowed to make breakfast on my own.

Ma Lys Y.
I eat my breakfast very late, I don't feel any good about that as I am still trying to regulate my sleeping but it doesn't seem to work out and I keep waking up very late!!
But I keep trying tho :))

Milton P.
I have a protein shake about 30 minutes after I wake. This is also after I drink 16 ounces of water. My protein shake has caffeine in it as well so yes I feel a huge boost of energy.

Fatin A.
I usually try to have my breakfast after I’m done getting ready. When I consume breakfast, I didn’t feel hungry too early and I tend to eat less during lunch.

Mackenzie Q.
For me personally I eat my breakfast at the end of my morning routine because it’s the fuel that I need right before I start working. If I were to do it earlier I don’t think it would go as far as if I were to eat a little later. Also eating breakfast last has me working out fasted which can help with losing weight.