What are the pros and cons of having a smoothie for breakfast?

John P.
Smoothies are great. Prep time low, healthy, just gotta clean it afterward. Highly recommend adding a scoop of protein to make it complete, and maybe even a nut butter for fats
Clarice P.
I dont drink smoothies for breakfast but I think the pros is that you can consume it on the go or you can even just gulp it down to have a quick breakfast, but the cons is that there are only a number of foods that can be blended and i dont think it can be filling if your meal will only be a smoothie.
Doraines E.
I like the spring flavors or most smoothies but in the morning having something warm in your stomach really helps with cravings.
Catarina Q.
I do love my peanut butter and banana smoothie, so let's go.
Pros: it's quick to make and drink; you can drink on your way out of the house; you can adapt the recipe to your health goals, intolerances or to just mix up flavors and consistency ; depending on the ingredients, it is saciating, yet it's still great for people who aren't hungry in the morning.
Cons: Eating fruit will always be better than consuming it on juices and smoothies, because of the fiber it gives.
Autumn P.
If you're in a rush, it's a quick way to get your nutrients for the morning. Packed with fruits and any supplements you might add. There is a risk of a sugar crash however, and it might not be filling enough to carry you through until your next meal.