What do you make for breakfast?

Anna X.
I poured some milk in a pot and put some oatmeal and heated it. Then i mixed the oatmeal milk with some fruit. The i added chia seeds on top. Yummy. That’s it
Carmen N.
I make a toast bread with cream cheese and jam. I drink a glass of milk, maybe coffee also, and for the last, I drink a glass half of orange juice. Enjoy it!
Emma Z.
I like to stick with a healthy amount of lean protein like eggs and a heaping helping of veggies. My favorite breakfast is scrambled eggs with spinach, tomatoes, and portobello mushrooms. If I want to treat myself I’ll add some rye toast or some baked red skin potatoes.
Annette Z.
Well I like to have eggs and acup of coffee .And in summer mornings I like to have smothie or some times a smothie bowl ,oat meal, saled and fresh orange juice
Mathieu N.
I usually have a hard boiled egg and some grapes or an orange. Then I put collagen protein in my morning coffee. I made some egg salad with yogurt and spread that on a slice of toasted pumpernickel.
Josefine W.
I usually make cereal but lately I've been getting into oatmeal with berries on top. If I have time I love making healthy smoothies.
Bella P.
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Ingried J.
My go-to is eggs, Italian sausage, and fruit (strawberries, blueberries, pineapples, apples, whatever is in the fridge or on the counter lol).
Marie Therese O.
A cup of tea with 2 or 4 biscuits (made of wheat grains and puffed oats) and a fresh fruit or a freshly squeezed pink grapefruit juice
Pius H.
I start the day with a green smoothie – this morning my parents and I had a smoothie packed with goodness: spinach, mango, chopped macadamia nuts, ginger, flax seeds, cinnamon and some rice milk. YUM!! Then I add good complex carbs and a healthy Omega 3-loaded protein such as sardines on a piece of whole grain toast.

You have no idea what a big difference a good, healthy breakfast makes to your days and your ability to reach goals!

You can do it too. Simply start, and then keep on doing it.

Ritthy G.
Usually I make a fresh juice but today I made banana and dukes flakes. Banana is high in energy and dulse flakes help remove heavy metals from your body. I also made licorice root tea which is antiviral and energizing
Else U.
Half a serving of oatmeal with a little brown sugar and Cinnamon and an apple diced and mixed it. With a hard boiled egg
Dan O.
It depends, fast breakfast protein shake. Omelette you can add variety. Stay aware from starches and sugary things, you are more likely to have a mid morning crash. Protein keeps you full, and blood sugars consistent.
Pierre T.
Mostly yoghurt with some fruits and honey. Sometimes it’s toast with some cheese or butter. I also enjoy a healthy smoothie as a breakfast. It all depends on how much time I have, and what I feel like eating.
Willelmina Z.
I try to make something easy. Either yogurt, fruit, and homemade granola, which you can make and pack for the whole week – or an egg and cheese/ham and cheese sandwich on whole wheat, with avocado.
Pr Spero Z.
I make a smoothie from frozen mango, blueberries, pineapple, banana, raspberry, and kale. The rest is almond milk, protein powder, ground chia seed, super greens powder, and a little goat yogurt. I usually make about 4 cups of colloidal liquid… probably too much but at least it’s in the morning!
Jane E.
Today I was in a rush due to the rain and wanting to make it to work on time. I knew that having breakfast was important to my morning routine so I grabbed a banana and a large spoon of peanut butter. I ate it on the way to work.
Elaine O.
I love long, luxurious breakfasts, but the day to day is hard to maintain. Instead, a short, bright shake is easiest or avocado toast. Something 5 minutes or less. I’d like to wake up, enjoy a quick, brisk walk and stretch, have a light egg and green juice, and then get out the door. I like what Eric G. does – same breakfast every morning until he is bored; then, another. I’d like to try his oats, banana, nuts, honey, coconut.
Tom S.
It depends. Sometimes I feel like eating a slice of wholegrain bread with ham and a glass of orange juice, sometimes I need milk and wholegrain cereals. I would like to try eggs and fruit.
Czeslaw F.
I start my morning routine with a glass of water with lemon. My favourite breakfast is scrambled eggs, avacado toast, a cup of coofee and usually I also eat one fruit, sometimes at home or on my way to work.
Marcus Y.
Egg tacos! Corn tortillas, scrambled eggs, refried beans, shredded cheese, salsa. Or smoothie with protein powder. Or canadiam bacon and swiss on bread.
Marisa Q.
I usually have oatmeal with hot water and almond milk. I try to have lots of fruit as well, usually bananas, apples, grapes, blueberries, strawberries, avocado, and/or mango. I have many dietary restrictions but I try to make my breakfast as count.
Mirella F.
I make oatmeal. Oatmeal is heart healthy and delicious and has been shown to help with weightloss. I like mine with honey crisp apples, dried cranberries and walnuts
Gerson A.
My goto are eggs. I have a cooker that lets me set a timer so they are ready when I wake up, so I use that sometime. But frying an egg or two takes about 5 minutes so that’s always an option. If I get tired of eggs then some oatmeal alongside some Greek yogurt.
Jucineide B.
Not eggs (they are not optimal) – oats with berries, flax meal, agave nectar/ maple syrup, granola, and sunwarrior protein powder (the best protein powder out there).
Adriel Z.
Baguette warmed in oven and cut in half. Spread cream cheese. Lay lox. Sprinkle chives. Scramble eggs on the side, sliced tomato, zucchini salad with taragon, etc…
Vida L S.
I mix the healthiest yoghurt (unsweetened plain with no fillers, with live and active cultures) with all sorts of fun-to-taste seeds and nuts, then i add the sweetener of my choice: chopped dates or figs or fresh fruit and if I'm too lazy I just add coconut flakes or agave syrup
Kristin O.
My favorite is oatmeal on milk, or quinoa. I add dried fruits and nuts to it. I make a special mix of different nuts, figs, cranberries, and seeds.
Edmundo F.
Eggs like boil eggs, omllete and other eggs dishes. And when i don't have time i have cornflakes with honey and almonds. I dont like fruits so i usually skip them.
Ethan C.
A smoothie with broccoli sprouts, mung sprouts, açai berries and sunflower seeds soaked overnight, an apple, a handful of freshly foraged leaves that match the prescription from my herbalist (currently dandelion leaves, nettles and clivers) powdered Maca root, turmeric, fresh ginger and cinnamon…with a cupful of cold overnight infused herbal tea (currently rose petal, marigold and nettle) and a cup of apple juice. That’s every morning then today I had homemade spelt and buckwheat pancakes (with an egg in them) with some local honey and butter as a treat.
Thea B.
I ate a banana with peanut butter. Sadly i didn’t have time this morning to make food, but if i would have time, i would probably make eggs with spinach and tomatos.
Jon S.
I like to make eggs and toast for breakfast. Or cereal with milk and fruit. I would like to eat more oatmeal and grits or other hot cereals as well. On weekends i eat bagel sandwiches when I can afford them.
Felinta Q.
Just some muesli yoghurt and blueberries. I try to keep it small as I don’t usually eat breakfast and don’t want to eat too much early
Helier S.
I eat different versions of eggs: scrambled, with cheese, ham and cheese, boiled. It just depends on what I'm in the mood for. And if I'm not in the mood, I'll eat yogurt instead.
Emil W.
Yoghurt is my go-to breakfast. Mostly plain – often with müsli & fresh or frozen berries. Occasionally a smoothie – fruity or green (avocado, spinach, etc.). Enjoy!
Maria X.
Cheese-garlic spread on bread with quality ham and smoked cheese. On top of it tomatoes, sometimes with parmasan sprinkle. And orange juice
Mauro S.
I eat apple slices with peanut butter and oatmeal. It’s light but it keeps me full and allows my body to rest and not spend too much energy digesting. Especially now while I’m making significant changes to my life.
Renee B.
An apple, oatmeal and coffee
I try to stay away from processed food and sugar. I've reduced it
And I have less bloating issues.
C Me T.
I didn’t used to eat regular oatmeal because it upset my stomach. But then I discovered steel cut oats and rolled oats. They don’t upset my stomach which, I believe, is because of the way they’re cut. So now I eat oatmeal, using this recipe:
1/2 cup rolled oats
1/8 cup almond milk
1/4 scoop of vanilla-flavored whey protein
1 tsp. chia seeds
Dash of cinnamon
1/4 cup blueberries
Louise C.
I like to make oatmeal. It’s quick, easy, and a complex carb that fuels me through the morning to the afternoon. I add ground flax seed for omega-3s, blueberries for antioxidants, pumpkin seed for B12, banana for flavor, and a little maple syrup and cinnamon. Don’t forget the pinch of salt. Table salt has necessary iodine that pink salt does not. Because I don’t have much added salt to the rest of my diet, I don’t mind a pinch of table sat here and there.
Lou E.
I've been experimenting with different meal replacement shakes. This morning I had bulletproof coffee (coffee blended with butter and coconut oil). Vroom!
Marcus C.
Comosa with feta cheese, cherry tomatoes, herbs. Avocado with white cheese, pepper and whole grain bread. Scrumble eggs with sausage. Beans in tomato sause
Holly T.
Depending on what I have going on, what I choose to have for breakfast changes. Some days it’s a quick, grab a fruit scone with jam after getting ready and going for the day.
But on days I give myself more time (usually 3 days weekly) I’ll have a bowl of natural low fat youvhurt with fruit, and a drizzle of honey to sweeten the taste. I absolutely love this choice because I feel healthier and better in myself; and I feel more full so am less likely to snack before the next meal.
The next choice is to look at another meal choice for breakfast just to add a little variety. I like variety, because I easily get bored and lose interest in the food.
For example, I’ve given up muesli, because I had it every day for ages. I used to love it, but because of how sugary it was, and because it was the same breakfast daily, it was boring and tasteless.
I enjoy food, as you can probably guess from the long answer. But what I’ve learned by working in a café, is that how you present food to people can make a difference. And if I enjoy doing that for people, why can’t I think about the same or similar standards for me?
It’s a small thing, but on the inside, it adds to making me feel better and taking better care of myself. Because before, I didn’t care. So this little change has prompted me to take a little bit of better care of myself ❤️
Leta N.
Well normally I prepare a cup of tea, smoked salmon and a muesli. And I have tried to avoid sugar. But sometimes I eat honey or jam.
I know I need more consistency with the 0 sugar challenge
Corina Q.
Oatmeal w/dried blueberry’s nut’s, I switch between walnuts pecans & almonds ooo & a little Tupelo Honey in theyah ! Mmmmm
Kasper N.
I have a variety of breakfast items (depending upon the day of the week). Yesterday, I had a bowl with berries, yogurt, granola, and cashews.
Ortrud U.
I like to eat a plant based diet. Breakfast is easy. Usually fruit, oatmeal, dried fruit, juice. Occasionally a tofu scramble or a bowl of cereal. I never skip breakfast.
Hanspeter E.
Today for breakfast was smoothie with banana, mango, spinach, yogurt and almond milk. Although usually I have aome form of eggs
Odair E.
Whole rolled oats soaked in almond milk (so I don’t have to cook them!) mixed with any kind of fruit and some Greek yogurt for extra protein and creaminess or a container of chobani low sugar yogurt with some grape nuts and fruit
Nikolaj W.
I fry 2 eggs, boil some oatmeal and eat either a banana or an apple. I did drink coffee but I've stopped because it's not good if you have high anxiety.
Louis Y.
I make oatmeal, usually maple brown sugar, with a scoop of peanut butter for extra protein. This usually fills me up but if not, I'll have some fruit on the side.
Ryan U.
I have been making frittatas with egg and grated zucchini and smoothies with banana, cocoa, peanut butter, soy milk and chia seeds.
Daniel J.
For breakfast during the week, I make myself oatmeal. Instant oatmeal if I’m in a rush. Stovetop if I’m not pressed for time. Instant oats are great because I can just put them in a mug and eat on my way to work. For the instant oats, I always look at how much sugar is in a packet because some of the flavors are just loaded! I make my oatmeal more exciting by adding fruit or peanut butter or even a little bit of maple syrup.
Efig Nia P.
I do oats at the beginning of the week and I just warm it and add some upgrades, like nuts, one fruit, chia seeds, etc.
Randy N.
Oatmeal,strawberries or pear, and milk. I make steel cut once a week, then heat it up in microwave with the fruit and milk each morning.
Mercedes E.
I have a THRIVE (sharimohr.le-vel.com) shake for breakfast everyday. Can’t live without them. Full of everything I need to start my day right.
Rachel S.
It depends on the day. Sometimes it’s a frozen breakfast sandwich, sometimes French toast sticks and sausage, sometimes it’s poached or scrambled eggs
Leonhard X.
Usually I have a healthy cereal with fruit. Other times I have unsweetened oatmeal with fruit in it. I usually also add nuts and spices.
Reiner X.
Today, I made Cream of Wheat with banana slices, butter, and sugar. It was very yummy. Especially since I usually hate bananas. 🍌
Bertram E.
I actually don’t cook myself, I have a hired service that makes me a milk banana oats and almonds protein shake that gets me going till about lunch :), and sometimes maybe I throw in a scrambled egg on the side.
Josiele Q.
A quick and easy breakfast is usually a scrambled or hard boiled egg. I've also found a low fat, high protein instant oatmeal that I like. I don't do smoothies, since I think they're too cumbersome (too many ingredients to have on hand, time and mess). Or a low fat cereal and low fat milk. Those are my go-to's.
Maxence Y.
For the past few days I’ve been making poached eggs on toast – mmmm!! Brown/wholemeal/seeded if possible, but I ran out the other day so plumped for white. I always keep my bread in the freezer and I was reading that freezing then toasting white bread is actually better for you as it breaks down the simple starch 👍 I am having a strawberry protein shake made with coconut water,spinach and cucumber this morning as an alternative which is pretty good too, as I’m out for an early lunch this afternoon! 👍
Iara F.
Overnight oats is my go to, but in if i haven't had time or i forgot, then peanut butter toast with fresh sliced bananas is really great as well. Just be sure to avoid white bread.
Mathilde C.
I like to make egg-white omelets or a bowl of oatmeal with applesauce and apple granola on top. If I know that I won’t have time for a snack mid-morning, then I will have the oatmeal and a boiled egg.
Tracy U.
I usually prepare a self made muesli based on oatmeal, nuts and seeds. This I top with fresh fruit, like banana and apple and add oat milk or rice milk.
Enrique E.
Plant-based yoghurt with banana, berries and granola. Gluten-free sandwich with plant-based spread, green tea and smoothie+protein powder.
Patrick X.
Sometimes it’s yoghurt with oats and chia seeds, or a seed based müsli. While other times it’s bread with apple jam and cheese on top. And always a banana by the side.
Margie Z.
Usually I take salty breakfasts. I like to change it also as it doesn't get boring. Only thing I stick with are the drinks : a small cup of coffee to start, and a big hug of tea to end.
So I like to vary the food : as an example, it can be eggs and bread (with wholemeal flour), with butter. Another time I can do unsweeted oatmeal, with seeds and nuts. Sometimes, I like to do a "miamofruits" a kind of preparation with 1/2 banana, 1/2 apple, 2 other fruits/berries, oil, nuts and seeds. Exceptionally, I love having my croissant as breakfast, but only in special occasions.
Vict Ria N.
I found it's easier if I make my meals in advance. I cook up two eggs for each morning of the week, and I scramble them. Sometimes I use some veggies in some them, such as peppers, tomatoes, spinach or onions and then in others I put a little bit of meat-like ground turkey or ground chicken, and others l simply season them with a little bit of spice to heat them up! I package them in little containers and take one out each day of the week and heat it up. This way I don't take any shortcuts and I have a good breakfast each day. As odd as it sounds, I do better if I don't have a widely varied meal each day, I'd rather stick to the same thing. It actually helps me control my appetite if I know exactly what I'm having each day. But that's just me.
Tilde E.
I started cooking a large omelette -5 eggs-with cheese and onions in it. I do it on Sunday and store it in the fridge in ready-to-eat portions. Just warm it and have a glass of fruit juice or milk beside it an you are good to go!
Malou Z.
I've tried simple and easy meals. I got pistachios because I love them and bananas because they're cheap and full of protein. Then oranges because they're still in season.
Jeff P.
It depends on how much time do I have. If I wake up early I have more complete breakfast. I usually have cup of coffees, which sometimes I take to drink on the way to work, with bread and cheese. Other days I have cream and honey that keep me full till breakfast.
Tom O.
I like to have a fresh pear or maybe an apple with spelt muesli or sometimes just yoghurt and once a week I have boiled eggs.
Derrick F.
I like to eat an apple or banana with some nuts for protein. My daughter does the peanut butter but that is too sweet for me. Our morning are quite rushed. This weekend Inwill try out some oatmeal options
Johan A.
Deli-sliced meat and cheese rollups, like my wife and I ate at hotels while we lived and traveled across Europe for three years. The protein kick keeps me satiated until lunch, but the small volume helps me keep daily calories lower…
Niete E.
I make something that takes little time and I know it is healthy: weetabix, oatmeal or eggs with toast and milk. I also drink coffee, which may not be so healthy for you – but I love it!
Mattie U.
I prep the night before, so everything is ready for me to cook in the morning before i have to go to work. I take two eggs and whip them in a bowl cover with plastic and put in the fridge. I dice whatever veggies i want to add to the omelette and put them in a seperate bowl cover in plastic and place in the fridge. I cut up some cucumbers, tomatoes, radishes so i have them as a side. In the morning i heat up the pan with some olive oil, i proceed by taking the eggs, mix the veggies i diced into the egg bowl and place them in the pan. While the eggs are cooking i take the other veggies that i cut up as a side and place them on a plate. By then i have to flip my omelette. When my omelette is ready i slide it off the pan and straight onto the plate with my side veggies, and proceed to eat. The whole process in the morning rakes me about 5-10 min, and same for the prep work the night before.

Thank you,

Moshe Udy.

Alfeu A.
It just depends on my morning. Sometimes I make avocado toast, sometimes I’ll have cereal, eggs, or I’ll make protein pancakes (the Kodak brand)!