What are some quick and healthy breakfasts apart from cereal or fruit?

Becky Z.
Scrambled eggs and vegen sausage. Overnight oats (pb2, banana, unsweetened chocolate almond milk). Greek yogurt and home made granola.
Albetina S.
Breakfast burrito! Scramble some eggs, put it in a tortilla with whatever you like! I do a little sour cream, rice, lettuce, and Tajin spice! Scrambling the eggs takes 5 min tops. Also, I heat up the 90 sec bags of rice and use a little on each burrito throughout the week. Throw it in the microwave while you scramble the eggs. Throw your eggs and toppings on the burrito shell, roll it up and you can even take it to go!
Betsy Y.
Avocado toast:

Slice of bread, I use gluten free, you can use what you prefer

One egg in a non sticking pan

Half small avocado, mashed or sliced.

Salt and pepper

Is delicious, satisfying, has proteins of good quality and healthy fats

Carbs. 36%
Proteins. 27%
Fats. 37%
Trans fats. 0

V Nea O.
I like having oatmeal, avocado toast with a sunny side up egg or my personal favorite sourdough bread with a slice of goat cheese and a bowl of fruit or veggies.
Angelina O.
You could actually prep your breakfast the day before, or do a prep for all your breakfasts on Sunday. This will make you ready to conquer the world. You’ll have a delicious breakfast every morning, even though you didn’t cook it that day. If your really tight on time though, try taking a handful of nuts or grabbing a healthy granola bar.
Julie I.
Oatmeal is my favorite breakfast! I have a plant based milk also. Lately I've been putting nuts or seeds on top of my oatmeal as well, for a healthy crunch!
Aim for an oatmeal with low sugar.

A lower sugar yogurt, or healthy muffins are some more options!

Good luck!

Heidi M.
Overnight oats are extremely easy to make, can be prepared the night before, and contain a large amount of fiber, making them an excellent option. Extra protein and healthy fats can be added in the form of nuts, seeds, or Greek yogurt to make the oats even more nutritious.