What is a good quick breakfast for on the go?

Theodore S.
I usually buy pre-made frozen superfood smoothie packs from Costco, and blend them with vanilla protein powder which is also packed with antioxidants. I notice that when I drink these smoothies daily, the day seems brighter, and I have a LOT more energy. 🔆
Justine E.
I always like to start off with my protein and a little bit of sweetness to add to it.

One thing I recommend s search up smoothie bowl recipes and pick one you think sounds good. Then gag used to making it every morning. But another option that I like to use is to eat oat meal with milk and sugar in the bowl with it. Then cut up strawberries and maybe an apple to go along. And because I am so busy in the morning you can always make it the night before and just quickly heat it up in the morning and then add your fruit.

Samantha Y.
A good breakfast is one that will fuel you for your day, with protein and some carbs to give you slow burning steady energy and not the rush and crash that you might get from sugar.
Darrell N.
That's a good question and I don't know. In the past I used to buy a yogurt with cereal and a latte but it was not enough and I would get hungry two hours after. At times I would buy a chocolate croissant and a latte, that would prevent me from being hungry until lunch but it's not that healthy. I need to think of other options for myself as well
Maeve C.
A bowl of sultana bran with some fruit or a some oats with fruits and nuts! Each take only a few minutes to make and are quick and filling!
Umbertina F.
A cricket protein bar made with cashews, flax seeds, chia seeda and male syrup. A green juice made with spinach, Apple, aloe and athletic greens. 3 hard boiled eggs.
Shafiyyah O.
you could fried some eggs and eat it with any fruit or oatmeal or maybe cereal but of course it'll be more delicious if you eat it with bread. have a great meals every morning, it'll cheer up your day
Alice T.
Overnight oats are a great healthy breakfast and also quick because you prepare them the night before but if you prepare more you can have them for the whole week. It's basically just oats, yogurt, maybe some milk and then you can add chia seeds, nuts, cacao, fruit. There's many variations of recipes. You can find really great one all on the internet. Hope I helped!
Valdemar B.
There are a few that you can do!

-Oatmeal (not the packets with a ton of sugar) and a banana
-Rice cakes with peanut butter and a banana

Sage R.
On the go oatmeal that you just add water or milk microwave and go. Another one is a banana or toast with some nuts. These are all real quick and easy. And for the most part can eat in the car.
Astrid P.
Two boiled eggs, toast and juice. Keeps me going for a long time before I have to eat again. Works for my busy schedule.
Jodi Q.
A quick breakfast might be a hard boiled egg with (already cooked) bacon (make it Turkey or nitrate-free, low sodium, or veggie) with frozen fruit, nuts, and fresh, avocado. You might add a superfoods and orange juice smoothie (just don’t spill it on your clothes or furniture. It stains).
Linn O.
That depends on your definition of on the go. If it means five minutes at the kitchen counter, then a bowl of whole grain cereal, without sugar, some berries and milk or unsweetened yoghurt is a quick and nice breakfast, you can also prepare it the night before as overnight oats.
I myself often eat my breakfast in my car on my way to work. It usually consists of two pieces of whole grain bread, some butter and some variety of cheese, meat, fruit or a combination. So basically a double sandwich. This can also be prepared the night before, and that makes it easier to add some lettuce, cucumber, sweet pepper or similar ingredients to make it even healthier and more tasty.

In fact, writing this to you inspires me to prepare my breakfast beforehand more often.

There are probably many other healthy options, but those are my go-to breakfasts.

Good luck to you in finding your favourite on-the-go!

Diovanda Q.
A couple of tangerines or easy peel oranges. Or grapes. You can grab on the the go or make the day before.
A big cup of water.
Whole grain toast/bagel in a tupperware. Or for faster breakfast a couple granola bars with nuts and berries or honey oats. One of my faves is the Belvita breakfast biscuits but they are more like little biscuit crisps, I like blueberry, or cranberry orange. Fruit and grain Cereal bars are also handy and they actually keep in the car pretty well whether it’s hot or cold outside, even in Extreme or relatively extreme temps. The cereal bars/granola bars are the least expensive… it wouldn’t hurt to leave some in the car just so you don’t skip breakfast!
Mitch C.
I'm a Chef and I cook everything at home but I'm always under a time constraint. I have found that baking some protein power bars at the beginning of the week and wrapping individually really helps
Jesse I.
I tend to keep some easy portable snacks ready to go, so good quality fruit and nut bars are a favourite in my house. Or prepping your breakfast the night before works too; overnight oats in a tub in the fridge or bagged frozen fruit and veg that you can throw into a blender the morning of. Fruit is always a winner so if you really don't have time to make something at all then grab an apple or a banana or something.

At the end of the day, any breakfast is better than no breakfast. If your choices are no breakfast or unhealthy foods (overly processed cereals or cereal bars), then still have them. It's better than not having anything at all.

Daphn E.
A good breakfast for on the go is a simple banana. Whenever I’m not as hungry or don’t feel like making anything I’ll just grab a banana!
Alfred C.
A good quick breakfast is eggs, fruit, and toast or a scramble with herbs and vegetables. Some other good options are avocado toast with eggs.
Chris P.
Protein shake for protein, vitamins, to help get your water in, and a 7-grain English muffin for fiber and carbs to help you feel full until lunch
Landon P.
Well if you are just trying to be quick I like to make brown sugar cinnamon oatmeal and cut up strawberries to go in but for on the go I like to grab a rice cake and a boiled egg for on the go.
Laine U.
I’m a fan of hard boiled eggs, protein/energy bars, or yogurt (with granola and/or fruit when available). These are my go-to, quick, out the door eats. I work early during the week and don’t have the appetite or time for a hot breakfast. On weekends, I definitely savor a big, long breakfast with family.
Kyle F.
A good quick breakfast has to include fruits and nuts .Grabbing an apple and a banana will keep you energised through out your day.You can also grab a hand full of nuts .
Cathy O.
Well, according to me. An apple can really help you to stay active through the day. It gives the energy that coffee gives us but does not drain our energy afterwards.
Lola I.
I usually do overnight oats
(made with ½ cup oats + 1 tablespoon chia seeds + ½ cup nonfat milk + ½ cup plain, low-fat Greek yogurt + ½ cup blueberries)
Or a smoothie (made with ½ banana + 1 cup frozen strawberries + ½ cup plain, low-fat Greek yogurt + ½ cup nonfat milk)
Healthy easy and delicious!
Darla U.
If I am in a hurry then I grab an premade egg sandwich, no bread. If I have time I will make a spinach/fruit smoothie (choosing one or a blend of blueberries/mango/pineapple) if I won't get to have a snack then I will add regular oats to it. I also make over night oatmeal with fresh or frozen fruit and nuts.
Elizabete I.
If I really have to run in the morning then I will boil an egg while I’m showering and eat it with whole grain toast and veggies it is tasty and easy.
Semra Y.
My favorite on the go breakfast is overnight oats or baked oatmeal. Some fresh fruit with nuts or an apple/banana with peanut butter is my second option. When all else fails a protein packed green smoothie satisfies.
Jazii W.
The most convenient breakfasts for me are one handed, and require no utensils. I like hard boiled eggs and some chopped fruits, or a smoothie.