What’s the quickest and most nutritious meal to make in the morning on a budget?

Edward S.
I’m not exactly sure but Ik a healthy recipe for breakfast? It’s organic yogurt (plain or flavoured) with organic granola
Edward S.
Scrambled eggs with some spinach, cherry tomatoes, one slice of whole bread some cheese if you want to, and there you go!! Or, if you don't have enough time in the morning, you cand prepare some overnight oats, the night before
Edward S.
To be honest, I find that pasta is very cheap, quick and will last a while. It is very easy to make and is very nutritious
Phoebe C.
You can start by turning off the alarm and spend as much time trying to wake up your muscles. Then you can make your bed and maybe drink some H2o while you're at it.
Tony F.
Chickpea and potato curry with plain rice or any starch of your choice is a fairly balanced diet and takes less than an hour to prepare
Edward S.
Oatmeal is pretty cheap and good for you it will also hold you over so your not starving before lunch. Hard-boiled eggs are another good source of protein and can be prepped the night before.
Keri U.
Probably some oatmeal. It's veerry healthy and if you add some extra ingredients (berries, bananas, honey, etc.) you can make it even tastier, or you could buy packs with dried fruits in them. It doesn't take a long time (especially if tou make "overnight" oats), it's very tasty(if you like. oatmela) and with some extra ingredients you can make it very nutricious