How quickly after you wake up do you eat breakfast?

Maya X.
If it is up to me in an hour, but I have a baby so lately it’s not. I wake up, drink two cups of water (a bottle of 18oz, to be accurate), while writing my morning pages. Then I do yoga for 20-25 min, followed by protein rich breakfast. This was my routine for the past 3 years, but then I had a baby, so now I need to reintroduce these habits. It is easier than trying to learn new habits, but challenge because my routine is now more predictable.
Emma F.
I usually workout in the mornings (I try to leave within an hour of waking up, but still not making myself feel rushed) and it is important to get a small serving of carbs + protein before a workout so I make a small breakfast about 30 minutes after I wake up (usually some greek yogurt spread on a slice of toast) and then a larger “brunch” when I get home from my workout.