Should we vary breakfast?

Romane N.
I think varying breakfasts would be a nice change up and you could try new things. But if you’re on the go a lot and only have time for a quick toast or something quicker then I think as long as you still get a good breakfast in it’s fine.

Yllka X.
I think its good the improvements u made in me and my confidence and i dont think we should very breakfast because it helps start the body in the morning.

Cathy Q.
Eating in variety gives you a happier approach to food. Our brains work this way. Feed it differently, and it gives you dopamine more than the usual food you eat every day. Also, eating diversely helps you get more nutrition, vitamin and minerals. So, take your time and make it worth it.

Willie C.
We should not vary breakfast. If we vary breakfast, we probably won't get the big amount of energy we need to keep going through the day. If we also vary breakfast or any other food, we will be starving not even an hour later. Always eat the same amount of breakfast each day to build a healthy habit.

Christian Z.
I think we should vary breakfast. By eating the same thing all the time, we get bored and might reach for something that's perhaps not the greatest thing to eat for breakfast. So, I think it's best to have a few options you like and switch between them every now and then.