Are chips better then chocolate as an in-between snack? :)

Harsh E.
The truth is that starches can lead to cavities just as sugars can, and caramels dissolve more quickly from the mouth than crackers… A cracker may be more figure-friendly, but it is not a teeth-friendly snack 🙂

Zhyan A.
I think chocolates are better because I see them as a reward. I tend to snack a lot throughout the day, and when I eat chips consistently as a snack i feel bad afterwards. I feel like snacking on chips has a negative connotation to them. They are fine every single once in a while, but it starts to become to much. Recently, i started to tell myself that chocolate is a reward. So, i’ll let myself eat chocolate when i finish a task or get through a hard day. Plus i would rather eat 2-4 hershey kisees than a bag of chips

Claudina F.
I think both of them are ok, as long as you keep it moderate. You can eat whatever makes you happy, just don't make a habit out of eating unhealthy amounts of sweets.

Caitlin N.
I base it on how hungry I am! If I’m not that hungry, but just feeling snackish, I reach for my stash of little chocolates, so I can savor something delicious without much caloric intake. If I’m truly feeling hungry and it’s a while before my next meal, then a single serve bag of chips is better to satisfy me and tide me over until that next meal.

Vincent U.
Chocolate is a delicious, sugary snack but it won't keep you full for long, chips are made from potatoes and have the ingredients to keep you going for longer then chocolate! Remember to drink plenty of water ^^