Can I eat meat for breakfast?

Signe Z.
I suggest you to eat eggs rather than meat. You should have a light breakfast and meat is too heavy for you in the morning.
Danni N.
Yes, meat is great for making you feel full for the day and having the energy to keep going. Often when we’re hungry, we get distracted more easily and by having something filling at the start. It keeps you going for longer when we usually have our peak energy levels
Silke W.
Bacon has been normalised as a breakfast meal and I agree it is important to get different types of nutrients in before you start your day. The most important part with eating meat for breakfast is the portions. It’s easy to get carried away eating large portions of a delicious food but our bodies don’t need to be eating that much meat or you might find yourself with long term health problems.
Ellen B.
I’m no health expert or anything but a lot of people eat meat for breakfast; there’s breakfast sausages, breakfast taco’s with beef, steak, pork, etc., and i think you’re breakfast can be whatever you want it to be so you can use any meat you want and create any dish you want and it will still be breakfast
Olina X.
If you’d like! Breakfast dosn’t need to be a breakfast food. The word breakfast means to break your fast. You haven’t eaten in all that time you have been asleep so you can really eat anything just to break the fast.
Amy U.
It depends on what meat. No meat for breakfast, but salami, sausages and other meat products probably do. But I probably wouldn't recommend them.
William J.
Yes, you may. If you think you are going to have a long day ahead of you, meat is ideal for breakfast to start your day. Meat is protein and it is healthy. However, it should be in moderation.
Olivia E.
I guess yes, just eat the food that is delicious and healthy and will keep you energised for whole day. But it'll be better if you eat eggs,nuts,Greek yogurt, oatmeal or foods like these. But you can eat meat too. I don't know much about this but I guess yeah.
Anna E.
I can have anything breakfasty right now so long as I'm eating to fuel my body for energy and not necessarily pleasure. Both is a great combo though when possible. Long term I would like to stick to eggs instead of bacon or sausage. Turkey pieces are okay. Pinterest is a great source to go to for easy healthy breakfasts.
Jyothika W.
I dont know its right or not… But sometimes i include some meat in my breakfast….. It gives me a good amount of energy 🙂
Sacramento E.
Yes, but be careful of first meals that are all meat and potatoes. Keep it light and pair with a couple food groups for a bright, balanced start!
Honorato T.
Sure, as long as the food don't make you feel slugish afterwards, You're good to go! The most important part is to have the breakfast easy to make, and composed of the things you like so that you feel excited about it in the morning!
K Te F.
According to Wong, eating meat at dinner will cause your body to go into overdrive to break it down for digestion. Instead, he recommends eating meat at breakfast or lunch, which gives your body the rest of the day to break it down properly.
Carissa T.
Yes, though it is typically recommended to consume more protein based meat such as fish and salami than meat more on the fatty side like bacon. This will really help you get that kick start to your day and make you feel full of energy to take on any challenge ahead!
Blessing B.
No because you have to eat something healthy like eggs bacon and bread it keeps you strong and healthy and also make use u vane some vitamins in the morning .
Raya N.
I think it’s all allowed as long as it helps you feel more energised. I’m a vegetarian so I prefer no meat because it makes me feel heavy and tired. It’s probably best if you try different options, keep an open mind and see what works best for you
Chloe E.
I mean if you’d want to, personally depends on what kind. My dad makes really good breakfast burritos with meat in them and it’s good. Maybe not steak or any fried meat to be healthy as possible.
Skyler A.
There is nothing against eating meat for breakfast but I personally think eating eggs for breakfast is healthier and a great sorce I protein. I personally eat two every single morning
Chirpy O.
if you mean bacon, ham sausages etc. then i guess so, i think that you shouldnt have anything too rich though such as steak or roast chicken
Jessica Y.
Yes, if the meet is ham, this is because it gives you the nutrients that you need, and if you eat it with eggs even better. But if it's the meat you had for tea last night e.g Pork, beef or chicken it is not going to taste that well, and it is also jot going to have enough nutritional value.
Edit J.
Sure! You can eat whatever you want for breakfast! The main point is that you’re eating something, and you’re eating something that will keep you kind of full until the next time you have food, so you can focus and have energy. I’m a big fan of non-traditional breakfast food for breakfast, especially when my depression brain is telling me that breakfast food will take too much energy to make. A handful of deli meat, an apple, and some nuts or crackers are great when im low on energy and need food, but am having trouble making decisions because im so low energy. Good luck!