How can I make a consistent habit when outside forces interfere with my morning ritual?

Liam E.
For me breakfast is my hardest habit to form. I make sure i plan the night ahead. If I'm running late I make a protein packed smoothie with added greens for on the go.

Friedlinde E.
I can make sure to return to the morning ritual as soon as possible, and I can tie my morning ritual to as soon as I wake up.

Olivia F.
That is a good question, and one I struggle with from time to time. For me personally, it is about setting boundaries. They can be flexible. But just like the oxygen mask in an airplane emergency, you have got to care for yourself first. Otherwise you are not you best.

Francisco F.
You must have the consistency and the will to change no matter what .In addition the tasks in fabulous are so easy to complete so there's nothing holding you back but your old self

Marvin U.
When you set your mind to the goal of having a morning ritual, you shouldn't allow outside forces to interfere. However, if it happens, set your intentions to try again and again. Try to eliminate these interferences or wake up earlier, simply find ways to work around them.

Violetta F.
Keep trying to get everything done before the end of the day. You didn't have time to workout before work? That's okay. Try to do it when you get home from work. This at least keeps you from being demotivated. Then, take a good look at the "outside forces" that interfere with your ritual. I make no assumptions but could they have been prevented? Should you have gotten milk and eggs the night before? Should you have washed your clothes the day before? Preparation is a huge part of keeping your morning ritual. If the outside forces are truly out of your control, work around them by getting your ritual done as soon as you possibly can. You may miss a day, but don't let that stop you from completing it the next day.

Natalia F.
It is always better to start you routine early, in that way you reduce external interferences. In case of interference just find an alternative to do your tasks

German G.
Outside forces? It depends on what these are, and how they affect your time and routine. If you can, break up your routine into important habits first, along with the nonesstential others. Complete those first tasks, and once you get that out of the way, go back to finish the rest of your routine later if you cannot complete it all in one go.

Valdemar U.
Start with something really small, it doesn’t have to be lengthy, it can take a minute. I would suggest some deep breathing for 1 minutes before you actually get out of bed. Allow yourself time to connect and get your first thoughts for the day in gear. Or do what I did via this app and start the day by drinking a glass of water that you’ve placed by your bed before sleep the night before. Or do both! The main thing is to create something that benefits you and that becomes habitual. Take it slow, take it easy and don’t pressure yourself.

J Lia P.
Be flexible. Be kind to yourself. Life happens if you can do morning routine in the afternoon instead do it! Thats better than not at all. Fight the outside forces – get up earlier close the door lock yourself somewhere assess why you can't make it consistent, alter your strategy to counter that and try again! Fail again! Eventually if you dont stop you will find what works for you. The only rule is keep at it!

Faith B.
It's all about priorities, can the outside forces wait? Or do they need your attention straight away? Put yourself first so you can be a better you.

Idelso Q.
Sometimes I just cant and that's fine (being sick or emergencies takes precedence!) but as soon as I think about it and it starts bothering me that I've not done something, I could immediately do a stretch session or grab a peice of fruit….. or both!

Anna Z.
Build your morning ritual to be simpler, faster, and less vulnerable to interference. You can't control the outside forces, but you can control how you react to them.

Lohan E.
The inportant thing is the steps. It doeant mater the time for me. If I get side tracked I will pick up where I left off. Planning ahead helps to. If everything is ready to go in the morning before I get there. Ie all cooking elements on the stove. Clothes hanfing in the bathropm place setting for earring ECT. Then there is less chance of getting side tracked. Practice makes purpose. Make notw of what os getting you off amd find away to relieve it before it starts.

Valentina O.
Need to prioritize
Need to have discipline
Time is always less, need to have take out time for urgent and important things