I would really like to do yoga but don’t know where to start. Any suggestions?

Sarah F.
Start with some simple youtube videos, if you really enjoy the hobby, take it up. Don't commit to anything expensive unless you really enjoy it. Don't force yourself to take something up that you don't enjoy.
Dilan R.
Yoga is like a new music album, if you want to hear it and contemplate the art of the album you need to hear the first time and second time and third time, bla bla.
That is yoga, you need to start like something new and repeat it to understand the magic of the yoga.
Anita Y.
Earlier this year, I also wanted to do yoga and I did try it out and it helps so much with your body and your mental health especially. It makes you feel so spiritual and calm. I didn't know where to begin either but it was so simple. It just takes a quiet space and a motivated and relaxed mind. Ten minutes each day in a quiet space, just stretch your body and try to erase your mind of everything you are thinking of. On YouTube there are alot of yoga sessions that could help you also. It all starts with the mind. I hope this helped you and Good Luck!
Montym N.
Don’t try to start doing it every single day as it could be overly ambitious and be setting yourself up for failure and then beating yourself up as a result. I recommend starting once or twice a week and looking up some simple yoga for beginners on YouTube. Yoga with Adrienne on YouTube is where I started and I now practise almost everyday and can really feel the mental and emotional benefits!