What should I eat if I’m meat, eggs, & dairy free? I heard oatmeal (my go-to) is good for you, but that carbs are not the best choice.

Gabriella W.
All carbs are not equal… oatmeal is good for you and so is eating lots of fruit and vegetables (all carbs)… but eating a pile of white rice or white bread is not good for you. The thing is how refined they are. Fresh fruit, vegetables and whole grains are viral to our health and are as nature intended – unrefined. White flour, rice have had something taken away and that makes them less nourishing and less healthy. Enjoy your oatmeal with seeds, nuts and chopped fruits and you have the basis of a really healthy and filling breakfast.
Lael S.
Hey there. Having oatmeal for breakfast is a healthy carb that will keep you feeling full and give you energy to burn throughout the day. If you want less carbs switch the oats for chia seeds. The night before I like to put the chia seeds in a jar and cover them with almond milk let it soak overnight in the fridge and in the morning you will have a delicious chia pudding you could eat it with some fresh fruit and coconut yogurt. yum!
Isabella Z.
Mix fruit, avocado toast with whole grains, a fruit and veggi smoothie, glass of almond milk unsweetened, peanut butter and banana, online there are many resources.
Julie C.
While everyone says that carbs are the enemy, it is important to remember that they are still a vital macronutrient just like protein and fat. Eating a unrefined grain like oats in your oatmeal is still good for you. My only suggestion is, to add some diversity to ensure you are getting your other daily recommended values of macros on a daily basis! I suggest trying an avocado toast with some fresh spinach leaves! This will allow you to get some healthy carbs (whole grain toast), healthy fats (avocados), and protein (yes believe it or not but spinach has protein! Think of Popeye the sailor man) and don’t be afraid to add some spices or seasoning to make it taste more interesting. Another alternative that can add some diversity to your diet (which is highly recommended for gut health) would be a protein shake made with cashew milk (could always make into a smoothie by adding ice and fresh fruit then blending it). Ultimately…. carbs aren’t totally bad! They are vital to your health. But! With not eating dairy, eggs or meat, make sure you are doing things to consume ALL of your macros!!
Tyrone F.
You could eat nuts, beans, seeds, legumes, guava, avocado, apricots, kiwi fruit, blackberries, oranges, bananas, cantaloupe, raspberries, and peaches!
Owen J.
Maybe try out chia pudding! It’s made by soaking chia seeds in milk (you can totally use a plant based milk – it’s very yummy). I love adding fresh fruit on top. Its similar to overnight oats. It tastes amazing and it is good for you.
Katherine C.
Oatmeal’s a good breakfast in itself and very versatile in what you can add to make it healthy. Adding fresh fruits such as apple or banana and a nut of your choosing can help give you the energy and protein to go through the day. A common morning meal for me is typically granola, pistachios or cashews, and an apple, banana, or orange.
Brandy G.
Almond yogurt, protein shake with nut milk, fresh fruit, chia pudding with coconut milk and fruit, toast with peanut butter or avocado
Capucine Q.
I’m a vegetarian, so I know how you feel about meat, although I eat eggs and dairy. I would suggest lentils, chickpeas, beans, tofu, hummus & “beyond” burgers and sausages. (Beyond items taste like meat but are vegan.) I eat lots of salads, nuts, fruits, and sandwiches. Carbs are good in small amounts, but don’t make that your go-to. A way to have carbs but still have a generally healthy meal is wraps & sandwiches.
Queila Q.
I'm assuming your vegan or just following those rules? There's tons of Vegan healthy breakfasts. All it takes is a quick Google search. Some I found were doing a breakfast hash with sweet potatoes, beans, and veggies. There's tons of options though! Give it a look. 😊 you got this!
Miriam S.
I tend to go for a shake containing Spinach, Kale, Strawberries, Blueberries, Tuneric, Ginger, Mango and a Banana. I blend this with Almond Milk. Whilst this does contain carbohydrates, it won’t raise insulin levels in quite the way Oats will and obviously supply you with a great amount of vitamins, minerals, anti oxidants and several anti-inflammatory properties which will contribute significantly to optimal mental and physical well being. I’ve noticed a significant difference since starting having this for breakfast every day. I hope this helps!
Ida W.
A vegan protein powder would be a great way of getting that energy and fullness. Invest in a blender and make some amazing health smoothies.

I’m not very organised but it’s easy to stock up on frozen berries/fruit and spinach. And it’s easy to keep a fun of protein. After a few days you start to feel the energy kicking in

Hedwig C.
Not all carbs are necessarily bad for you! Because oatmeal is whole grain, it’s nutrient rich and a great alternative to eggs. I like to eat Muesli and fresh fruit with almost milk in the morning— it keeps me full all morning. You might also consider eating a spoonful of peanut butter with fruit in the morning.
S Lnior Z.
Steel-cut, whole grain oats are packed with good nutrients for your body. Make them with almond or coconut milk and add 1 scoop if your favorite plant-based protein (pea protein is my go to). By adding the protein, you will give your body a more well-rounded breakfast. You can also throw some blueberries (or another berry of choice) to add a different texture and flavor. Hope this helps! Cheers to healthy eating!
Bruni A.
Indeed carbs are not the best choice, get more greens, vege, beans, fruits (not too much), try grocery and get something you never buy before, indeed there’s a lot of choices out there. You can try google for mindvalley wildfit, if you don’t mind investing yourself, I took this program aside from giving me lots of nutritional information and psychologically control over cravings, there are a group of community helping and sharing ideas what to eat.
Francisco U.
Hummus on bread sprinkled with everything beagle seasoning. I’d also recommend getting rid of the “carbs are bad” mentality. It does more harm then good
Greg G.
Conscious variety is the best choice. May i have throughout the meals all the minerals and vitamins necessary for my well-being.
Elvira E.
how about scrambled tofu or avocado toast? Oatmeal is a complex carb so should keep you energy levels up until lunchtime.
Signe W.
I like to add frozen berries, nuts and slices of banana to my oatmeal. Oatmeal is a slow burning carb that will keep you feeling full and energised longer. All carbs aren’t bad and it’s important to get proper fuel in the morning. If you want to skip the oatmeal completely or cut down, why not go with smoothies instead! There are so many great recipes out there, and you can also pretty much just add whatever you like.
I will use unsweetened almond milk, banana and berries for mine, but you can also add all kinds of vegetables. It’s super easy to meal prep, as you can just add all your ingredients for a portion into a ziplock bag and throw it in the freezer. Then for breakfast you just add whatever type of dairy free milk you want, blend and go! I will often just throw in some oatmeal and water, since that is always at hand and nutmilks can be expensive. Some people add juice, but if you are worried about carbs, adding more sugar, might not be the way to go! 🙂
Justin J.
Carbs only give you a short boost. Oatmeal is a great choice, but you need to get one that has just oats and other grains in it, no added sugar. This doesn’t typically happen as all oatmeal manufacturers add some to “improve” taste.

You’ll need to mix your own oatmeal for best results: my simplest, cheapest variety is:

seeds (sunflower)
chia seeds

Mix it, add water and cover it the evening before. In the morning the oats will have absorbed water. You can also add water and boil it to get warm breakfast.
If you need sweetness, add a teaspoon of honey.