Can we drink milk in the morning?

Laetitia P.
I try to avoid drinking cow milk in general. I have vegetal milk with my muesli when I have some. Or sometimes a little bit on my tea. But, that's it.
Sofie F.
It is not recomended, because milk makes you sleepy and is hard to digest… But you could try drinking milk after your morning workout, it can support muscle grow. But I would say: try it and see if it works for you!
Kim E.
If it makes you feel good and prepared for your day, then do it! I prefer to drink warm drinks in the morning because it helps me feel calm and collected. I start the day with room temperature water and then a cup of warm coffee. I've found that drinking anything cold first thing in the morning makes my stomach cramp very badly. I recommend drinking some room temperature water before anything else.
Ethel W.
I try to avoid milk in the morning and substitute with almond milk but unless you are allergic to milk a small amount would be ok. Ayurvedic medicine recommends drinking milk at night as it helps digestion and has calming properties. You could try a warm milky drink such as Horlicks or drink it straight.
Christy Y.
Yes. However, it can be quite filling, so not to much. Your build back your energy reserves, not sapping them by getting stuffed
Ndrea E.
I would recommend drinking a glass of water first, as water cannot be replaced by dairy, then you can have the milk as part of your breakfast!
Raul Z.

Just be sure to make water your first priority.

It can feel / taste weird at first, start with half a cup and build on that, before you know it you'll crave water first thing and feel great for having it.
For years I used to have coffee first thing and changing to water was strange and something I really had to commit to even though I didn't love it. (mY reward was the coffee that followed)
Now, some mornings I drink my whole drink bottle before making a coffee, because I WANT to!

Lynn Q.
Of course you can. But don’t combine it with anything it’s too heavy for your stomach to digest. Make sure that you eat nothing for at least one hour. Milk is really beneficial but it needs to be digested properly.
Cheyenne M.
Yes. Simple and easy. Milk is a source of protein, carbohydrates and for the majority who are not lactose intolerant or lactose sensitive milk is a great source of calcium, often with added vitamin D, along with other necessary vitamins and nutrients. Assuming you do not have a (legitimate) dairy allergy, yes, drinking milk in the morning is healthy.
Kelly O.
I don't drink dairy myself, but I'd imagine it has nutrients and may help keep you feeling full as is a meal in itself? But, dont they recommend it for sleep at bedtime? If so, best to have a good healthy breakfast, drink water and do 5 mins of workouts
Verthandi A.
This is dependent upon your dietary needs and preferences. Seek your medical professional for the best answer to your question.
Katrin J.
Hm, I don't know if you can, but I am lactose intolerant.
In the morning I choose coffee and chia pudding (not shure if this is the right way of writing this food)
Bobby R.
Yes, milk can be part of a healthy and balanced breakfast. Adding it to oatmeal, whole-grain cereal, or just drinking a cup are all great options.
Janna U.
Yes, I think it is a great breakfast. And many eat cereal for breakfast! However sometimes, it can leave some people a stomachache especially if they are lactose intolerant. It depends on the person.