What are three of your best grab ‘n’ go breakfasts? (Or , if not, any good breakfast.)

Sandor Z.
We are all about meal prep in this house. We take one day or two days and meal prep for weeks! We do breakfast burritos and sandwiches and freeze them. Couple minutes in the nuke for a hearty, homemade, healthy breakfast! The trick is to make sure all the Ingrediants are cold before assembly to avoid a soggy wrap/bread
Holly U.
I always try to opt for low sugar, high protein and energy foods. So I mostly go for a fruit, mostly banana, with a handful of almonds or walnuts; or some multi grain cereals with milk and chia seeds.
Gerald N.
Make a fruit salad the day before, otherwise just grab fruit. I usually have enough time so my go to breakfast is: baked egg, fruit salad, nuts salad, a glass of milk and a glass of fresh fruit juice
Mila S.
Smoothies – you can add any fruit and veg, and oats etc. At the moment I have oat milk, banana and peanut butter. But I’ll try a spinach and fruit one soon with some oats if I’m really hungry to mix it up a bit.

Bagels – with peanut butter (and sometimes banana), or plain, or marmite.

Fruit and yoghurt – I use Greek yoghurt for extra protein.

Oliver W.
As a quick breakfast I like to have a banana with some peanut butter. If not a soy yogurt with a banana or some healthy cereals
Ray Z.
A smoothie is a great on the go breakfast! I also love peanut butter toast, bananas, avocado toast, and yogurt as various items I pair together!
Annie F.
For a quick breakfast, I’ll usually just have muesli with oat milk but for a grab and go I’ll take a mandarin or two and an oat bar. If I have more time my favourite things to make are either an omelette with tomato capsicum and spinach or toast with Greek yoghurt scrambled eggs and charred tomatoes usually both with either some Tabasco or some hot sauce.
Kirsten X.
Personally, I prefer a lighter breakfast, I find that almonds or any nuts you like are really easy to throw in a bag or Tupperware at night, and throw in your bag in the morning, and it’s a great boost of energy and protein. I also really like Nutrigrain bars, or any kind of low sugar, high protein bar. And if nothing else, carnation instant breakfast is basically the only time it’s okay to drink chocolate milk for breakfast, AND it’s filling and nutritional! I hope this helps you, and remember that even if you miss a day or make mistakes, to just keep moving forward, and tailor your habits to your goals. You got this! 🙂
Valdelaine Y.
A good grab and go breakfast could be a banana , some toast, maybe an apple, granola bar, yogurt, or even some orange juice can be great to start a day even when you are in a hurry!
Eva S.
Oatmeal porridge, fruits, eggs. Something from it…sometiems porridge with fruits.. Or eggs with cheese and some vegetables….or a sandwich
Albana C.
I will grab a cereal bar, a handful of dry cheerios, or just pop some oatmeal in the microwave. On days that I have a lot of time, I like to cook eggs, bacon, and toast and make a breakfast sandwich.
Eden O.
The easiest grab 'n' go breakfast for me is a protein shake. When I have time in the morning I usually make oatmeal, but when I'm in a rush I just grab an orgain protein shake and I'm good to go.
Adri O I.
I don't believe in a 'grab n go' breakfast. My doctor has told me specifically in order to balance out my anxiety I am to have heavy protein and fats for breakfast. It is a meal I will never skip out on or make quick (unless I can do a leftover quiche). Usually eggs(omelette) , English breakfast or steak and eggs
Maria Q.
I like to start with some fresh or dry fruit , then a drink I prefer a jazmin or green tea, and finally a carb, either a piece of toast with Tea real butter or peanut butter or a bagel with cream cheese or a gluten free waffles with butter and honey, those are my 3 to go breakfast meals!!!
Cecil O.
I like to make a quick smoothie in the morning with a banana, some other fruit and plant based milk, or, secondly, an overnight chia pudding can be a good choice if you know you'll be in a rush, for last, you can prepare some hard boiled egg the day before and put it on a toast (a healthy one 😉 ) with some veggies or fruits
Janvi C.
A banana and peanut butter, or some apple and some nuts. I also think a pancake made of eggs and banana is a fast and yummy nutritious breakfast.
Gordon S.
It’s easier for me to make a shake. My fav is the apple pear one. (Milk, yogurt, oat meal, and half a frozen apple/pear). You can also add strawberries