Do you meal prep?

Basile S.
I do not meal prep. As I cook for my family I normally ask them an hour before dinner to see what they’d like for supper.
Jeanette A.
No, not usually. I just eat whatever my mom makes, but I do try my best to keep track of my eating schedule, eat enough and even more in order to gain more weight – as I’m currently underweight.
Fabr Cia Q.
No not realy I normaly like making things fresh when it is time for that meal. Also the things I eat kind of need to be freshly made like for example eggs if you crack an egg put your seasoning in and leave it in the fridge over night to use in the morning it could become a breeding gound for bactirea
S Ndi C.
Yes, I meal prep on weekends. I’ve found that my body handles Whole Foods better then processed and my autoimmune does better. If I don’t meal prep, I am more likely to eat out or grab something “quick” from the store. I spend a few hours each weekend prepping and then have more time for other enjoyable activities during the week.
Camila T.
I tried meal prep once but it takes a lot of time and effort to prepare everything, also one tends to fall into a routine of eating almost the very same things, and in my personal case, I end eating junk food. I've recently found best to do a monthly visit to the supermarket in which I buy "healthy" things and some "prices". I focus on having a healthier food storage at home and some french fries, chocolates, sweets etc that I tried to eat every now and then, but when they are over that's all. If I want more, I wait till the next monthly visit to the supermarket and if I still want to eat that sweet, I bought eat, otherwise I don't
Veronica C.
To be honest, it’s something that I don’t do often, because I need to have a few uninterrupted hours to manage it. But it’s very fulfilling when I do manage to do it.
Ciera N.
Yes, I do for work each week. For breakfast I make oatmeal cups. For lunch I pair 2 different meats with 3 different sides for myself. I normally pick 2 frozen veggie blends and 1 fresh fruit mix. I always put a mason jar of milk with my lunch, sometimes I drink that for breakfast with a granola snack.