What is the best alternative for coffee in the morning?

Sof A C.
If you are looking for a very similar alternative (i.e. if you don’t want to replace the caffeine) then try matcha, which, according to asian people, has more benefits (such as antioxidants) than coffee. If your goal is to quit caffeine, then give decaf coffee o water with a tsp of cinnamon and/or squish half a lemon (to get the lemon juice). From my personal experience (and as a soon-to-be biochemist), I can tell you that, for the decaf coffee, it will “make your brain believe” that you are drinking the usual coffee (because of the similar flavor between decaf and caffeine coffee), but at the end you will not experience the energy shot from caffeine coffee.
Johan Z.
Tea! It’s less expensive, and it can be caffeinated to energize you for your day or it can be calm and soothing. In the morning I like green tea with creamer and honey, in the summer i like an iced chai latte, at night i like a chamomile or lavender, during a meal I like oolong or jasmine to help with digestion, when I am sick I enjoy a lemon ginger tea with honey. It is perfect for any situation.
Noel Y.
If your looking for something caffeinated I would say a matcha latte, cocoa latte, or masala chai.
If you’re looking for a non caffeinated drink that still gets you up and ready I would recommend a cup of peppermint tea.