What should you do if you cannot find time to eat breakfast in the morning?

Tess N.
it happened to me many time, to wake up a bit later than usual and having the whole routine messed up, leading you to skip breakfast. or maybe you just woke up not feeling really hungry. either way, i usually bring something fulfilling to eat while at school so i can still have some energy to go through the whole morning.

Alicia A.
That's very simple. Breakfast really is the most important meal of the day. I have a bowl of oatmeal in the morning. Preparing the oatmeal, eating it and cleaning up after myself takes about 30minutes. So just wake up 30minutes earlier each time to give yourself the extra time to ensure you have a good breakfast to fuel you through your day

Julia P.
Find something that you can quickly toss in your mouth – granola bars, fruit, bread and so on, and eat it when you get little gaps in your schedule – maybe you do it while you’re just setting up for work/school, maybe while you get a small break otherwise. If all else fails, just eat a larger lunch. Nobody’s perfect 🙂

Kirsty B.
Always have a quick on the go optionsnas well, always have something even if it is little something like an apple or banana

Alma P.
One doesn’t necessarily have to prepare breakfast, even if it’s just a quick snack like a granola bar or an apple, it can give you energy in the morning. Something is better than nothing. Remember that breakfast is the most important meal of the day since it’s what gives you energy to do other things.

Senol Y.
When I didn't have time, I would grab a banana or granola bar, or I would pack a second lunchbag with my breakfast and eat when I got where I needed