What if there aren’t many (or any) options for breakfast?

Jesus Z.
For me I would if you have any like gronal bars or like a fruit you could eat that as a breakfast or oatmeal if you have some I would eat that as a breakfast
Zainab W.
Find something that works for you, could be an apple, a bunch of bananas, some nuts, eggs. It doesn't have to be too elaborate.
Jack P.
I have started to refer to breakfast in name only. I am allergic to eggs and so that counts out A LOT of "breakfast" options. Eating specific types of food for specific meals is primarily a social construct. Point being as long as you are eating a healthy balanced meal you have had breakfast. Sometimes I have a potato based dish. Sometimes it's vegetable based. Sometimes it's fruit based. Sometimes I eat a salad with apple and cranberries at 7am. Get creative with your meals! And remember eating ANYTHING is better than skipping a meal!
M Lody Z.
Aby options for breakfast? Arek you kidding? What about were you thinking the day before? Maybe It's time to think about the whole life not only about the day. Who should think about hour breakfast, day, life? The answers is – you only. Every adult should think about his/her breakfast him/herself.
Tess N.
That’s okay just eat a Little bit of what you have, you can go get some food at the store later on. And you can eat a big healthy lunch. Also drink
Lors of water and maybe eat a fruit so you still feel energized and ready for the day
Srishty C.
I'll go for something that is light and filling out of the few options I have. poha, sandwiches, leftover rotis from the night before, etc are the ones that make me happy.