I do intermittent fasting, not eating before noon every day. Do you have experience of this and if so, does it affect your productivity for the day?

Marina R.
Yes I also used to do intermittent fasting before noon too and it would always be difficult because I would wake up at 6 am to start my day and spending that long without eating anything is difficult but I always tried to keep myself busy and take away any food from next to me. I would spend all morning in my room working out, doing work, meditating, or clean anything to get my mind off of food.
Katharine F.
I don't have an experience with this, but I've seen my mom fasting. Breakfast is a very important part of our day to get us preped for the upcoming events. Skipping this affects your productivity a lot like you'll feel tired, stressed, empty. So I don't support this act. Atleast you can have a mild breakfast
Paulina F.
I do have experience in this and I found that it did not affect my productivity in a negative way. I did find more time in the morning to work with just a cup of coffee and water but it also required me to take my lunches everyday since lunch was now my first meal of the day. Skipping lunch used to be a bad habit for me and the intermittent fasting schedule actually helped me replace a bad habit with a good one. Every day I started my first meal at noon and took the time to enjoy a healthy 30 minute meal. Soon after, I added a brisk 30 minute walk to my lunch hour and that helped tremendously with my afternoon production because it gave me new found energy. Hope this helps!
-A. Aguilar
Aleesa F.
I feel as if I do encounter this. It is very hard for me to get any food in the morning – as I just don’t have an appetite. I believe it does affect my productivity throughout the day because I don’t have that energy boost a good breakfast gives you. I feel sluggish throughout the day until I have ate something and then I have my energy burst
Trinidad A.
Yo no hago esto ya que necesito tomar desayuno para comenzar bien el día. No tengo mayores problemas en dejar de comer más temprano.
Natasha J.
As a woman I never fast, our bodies cant cope with it and it sets us into starvation mode . This means your body will then try to store as much fat from your next meal as possible as it doesnt know when you will eat next.
الاء اسماعيل N.
I do intermediate fasting for a year now and it's the most important thing in my day but at first it may affect your productivity and with practicing, it fades away and you will start noticing its benefits
Good job ✨❤️
Imane B.
I have experience of this and also tge full fasting processus and it doesnt affect my productivity only if i eat a very early brekfast and a healthy one around 4 or 5 AM evryday itd amazying and it gives you ana energy boost until noon .
Abby T.
Nope. Not at all. My fasting window is 18:00 to 10:00 and usually I have my family around so I do not eat and be accountable and can focus on work. I am week into it it wasnt tough tbt.
Nandi Z.
At first , I used to do 16hours fasting , than I used to do 18 H. Ín my opinion IT is VERY usefull , if you want to develope your focus and patience , because IT is hard ti not eat anything , but than őt helped me and incresed my energi . Só just do it , and keep going 😉🤟😃
Falguni F.
Yes I have experienced it so many times but usually I didn't care much about it but now when I think about how was I able to work without breakfast?
Now it's an important part for my daily life routine because having breakfast as much needed as you need sleep to function properly in life for better health and productivity.