I’m into the second week of the Intermittent Fast. I find that on my fasting day I’m extremely hungry around eight-thirty. That’s also when my stomach cramps and I have a headache. Does anyone else have this problem?

Rosa A.
No. Make sure that you eat healthy dinner or whatever is your last meal before fast. Try to reduce amount of sugars/carbs, that's usually a sugar crash that gives you cramps.
Rotraut J.
The headache is probably due to dehydration. I would suggest you try first to gradually reduce the amount of food and water ingested in the first days before going into fasting. That way your body can adjust.
Diana O.
You might need to revise your fasting times. Or maybe eat more throughout the day. Do not go hungry. This could lead to fatigue, mood swings, and hungrer pains. Fasting isn't for everyone. I hope this helped.
Katie J.
It’s a natural process until your body gets used to the changes. By the end of the month, your body will become more used to it. The headache is a signal that your body needs food. Ask yourself if that was a regular time for you to have a meal, that should explain things. And drink a lot of water.
Melinda Y.
Make sure you eat enough calories. Also your diet must be well balanced. What's more you shouldn't fasting when you have training. 1
Mila T.
It's normal, don't worry. You should eat more fruit and vegetables as they provide vitamins, mineral facts, blood supplement.
Julie Q.
It’s normal for the body to respond that way yet by drinking water maybe with some lemon or lime or cucumber can help while still fasting for that day. Fasting one day a week is an amazing resolution for a healthier life.
Sol Ne S.
I'm not able to do those kinds of fasts for a similar reason. I also read somewhere that it's less safe/beneficial for women to fast for longer times (obviously not sure of your gender), and when I tried, 12 hours was about the max I could go. I also developed a sensitive stomach, potentially from trying to fast, so I'd just say overall be careful and listen to your body especially if it's pain and not just normal hunger. But if you do keep with fasting, drink a ton of liquids!
Hailey F.
Of course! Here’s a hack to try: count your time asleep as fasting time! That’s right! Because that’s what breakfast is, breaking your fast. So if you eat dinner before 8pm and eat breakfast at 8am the following day, that’s a 12 hour fast. Want to try the 16 hour IF (intermittent fasting)? You can eat dinner earlier and/or breakfast later, whatever works for you. Good luck!
Charlie O.
You need to make sure that the meals you have on your fast day have no suger and are mostly protein. This will help with the cramps and headaches. You will feel hungry but you won't feel pain
Enzo T.
I haven’t had stomach issues with IF but I do know that if you keep getting hungry at a certain time of day, you should be eating a little then. The big thing with IF is to make sure you are burning more calories than you take in. So walk more and spread out your daily calories!
Freddy T.
I’ve experienced this as well. As your body becomes more fat adapted you will find you will be able to go longer without eating and not feel as many hunger symptoms. I do still drink black coffee or green tea so I find that helps with the headaches. Be sure to drink lots of water too!
Hunter F.
I don’t have that problem but I do have stomach cramping issues; it’s almost like I’m starving myself. I don’t like that feeling of hunger! But I downloaded this app for weight loss so I just need 3 meals a day, and no snacks in-between.
Gabriella E.
I would never fast even intermittently, its not good for someone like me. Do you have medical issues that can affect you?