Does eating on the go count?

Jurema Z.
It doesn't count for me, I like to have the time to enjoy my breakfast and settle food into my body. It is a special where you are fuelling your body to the day ahead.
Paige J.
I think anything is better than nothing. I find having a few boiled eggs on hand easy and banana s too. I suppose you still have to try and go for the better foods when you can
Inaya E.
Eating on the go should count – as sometimes it’s unavoidable- but I think there’s more of a benefit to purposefully sit and focus on the act of eating breakfast
Marion S.
I think yes, because every morning I don't have that much time to make anything so it's quick and easy for me to just grab fruit.
Brandon P.
Of course, whether eating a high protein nutritious breakfast at home or on the go you’re still fueling your body to wake up and avoiding a sugar crash so you can make it to lunch without reaching for junk snacks.
Terry E.
Yes. Although not ideal, eating something is better than nothing, and there are lots of healthy things that can be eaten on the go such as smoothies.
Let Cia Q.
Yes as long as it is thoughtfully done.
Rasmus W.
Yes. If you plan ahead, you can have a fried egg and cheese on an English muffin, orange juice or green tea. Quick, filling, healthy.
Calvin G.
Yes and no. Yes it does count in terms of the nutritional benefits and if there’s simply not enough time to sit down for breakfast, then eating on the go is better than not eating at all. However, I find that sitting down and really “engaging” with my food (in terms of its taste, etc.) really improves my mood and I somehow feel like I get more out of it that way. (Unfortunately, our busy lives don’t always help in enabling us to do this more)
Silke W.
I say yes. I believe the app addresses this with some of the recipes it provides for a good breakfast.
A lot of the time I end up drinking a banana peanut butter smoothie whilst in traffic on the way to work. Or have fruits, and I arrive at work with a satisfied stomach and a bit more pep to my step in comparison to when I don't have anything at all.
Lawrence U.
Yes, definitely! Sometimes schedules are busy and we can't put aside time for breakfast on it's own. As long as you are still eating something and getting the fuel you need to jumpstart your day!
Jeanne N.
Yes it does! Sitting down for a meal, while a much better mental relaxation and check in moment, is not the only way to make sure your body gets what it needs. Most of us can barely find the time to make our food let alone sit down and relax and enjoy. Make time when you can to be present with food, but if you can't, at least make sure your body is getting the nutrition it needs to keep going and start your day right.
Vicky P.
I do not think so. If you can sit down in the train or tram to work perhaps. But being able to masticate throroughly the food is important. While walking and running to work may derail the importance of doing it. That said it you have no option. Perhaps getting an assortment of fruits can work well with some nuts.
Pauline T.
Yes I count eating on-the-go as long as I eat breakfast. I plan ahead and have things to eat available in the house. Toast, coffee sometimes a hard boiled egg. Super easy.
Mathias S.
A great way to eat on the go is by making various overnight oat recipes in a container that’s easy to use. You can buy mason jars for very little money and use those!
Berto N.
Eating on the go does count calorie wise but inorder for proper digestion and it is good if you sit peacefully and eat quietly chewing and enjoying your food thoroughly . Eating at peace thanking for the daily bread will have a good effect on your mental health as well.
Roland U.
Yes, it does. If you don’t have time to prepare your breakfast, just simply buy bag of mixed protein nuts, bananas or an apple along with you on the way to your work ?
Marie C.
Eating breakfast on the go is not really good for us because good digestion not only depends on the nutrition in the food but also on our state; if we are rushed or stressed digestion is compromised and this can lead to health issues.
Sohan Q.
Why not? I mean main purpose is to keep a healthy habit and reflect this massage to your mind and body that “you are priority”
If you’re always running just try to have your meal doesn’t matter if it is not the perfect one you can make it up later I think it would be great to not skip it as much as possible.
Francoise U.
I mean, yes and no. For me, a chronic meal skipper, I consider remembering food at all as a win. But, I don't enjoy it as much as having a few moments to sit down and eat. I say if your default is sitting down to food then yes, a few meals on the go is not a big deal. But if you are eating on the go most of the time, examine why. I also think on the go food tends to not be healthy. I'm kinda looking at this process as taking time to invest in myself, and for me… nothing screams "not investing in myself" like running out the door chewing on a cheese stick hurrying to be on somebody else's clock for 10 hours.
Ava B.
Yes, eating on the go can even be healthier because you can’t make pancakes or waffles. Just bring a granola bar or even a piece of fruit if your in a hurry so that way you can eat it on the go!
Andreias A.
Eating on the go isn't the worst thing. It depends on what you are eating. Fruits are great thing to eat on the go. Try to avoid processed foods on the go as those are usually the easiest thing to on the go. Always try to find the time to sit and eat mindfully as it aids in better digestion.
Sylke U.
I think it counts, for sure, so I would keep in mind how to make it matter. How can you still make it important? Maybe by choosing something nutritious? By making sure to sit down for your next meal? By planning ahead and keeping yummy things to grab so you don't get drive thru? I guess I would make it count by doing one of those.
Isabella F.
Yes, if you choose wisely what you eat. You can prepare something the night before, like an oatmeal. Easy to grab in the morning.