Could you please give me some exact breakfast ideas which involve vegetables?

Alfred C.
It can be an omelette with fried onion, pepper, tven add tomato nad spinach all the way at the end. As a side you can add cucumber and avocado with a couple of sliced of thin bread. 🙂

Lauren U.
Hey, I’ve been eating a bowl of low fat sour yogurt with blueberries, strawberries, bananas, seeds, wall nuts and coconut. It is healthy and incredibly delicious 🙂

Petjaa C.
yesterday my sister made me a really good breakfast. she mixed avocado and hummus and then spread it on a slice of bread. she sprinkled it with some carrots and a bit of salt and voila – healthy breakfast!

i also like to eat leek with a lot of things. it tastes amazing with eggs, on toast…

Sharon N.
A fruit and veggie salad 😋 with carrots ,cucumbers , apples anything goes really it's depends on your taste and just have fun

Madaleno Z.
Sandwitches with tomato, salad and cucumber on top!
Fruit and berries on top of porridge.
Fry mushrooms, paprika, tomatoes etc.