How can I motivate myself to set up my breakfast at night so I have an easier morning when I am exhausted?

Damien Z.
What works for me is to ensure I have nice ingredients for my breakfast. Buying something little special or new for breakfast always makes look forward to the moment I will eat it. I don't prepare much the night before but I make sure the break fast it's easy to make.
Rashi F.
At morning you can have fruit smoothie bowl in your breakfast. It doesn't require much effort. It just take hardly 8-10 minutes. You can have that and it's very healthy for the body.
Freja Z.
This may seem hilarious but I set a reward (for example a tiny piece ofchocolate) to motivate myself to get my breakfast readt for Tomorrow or just try to focus on the very good and healthy consequences hwving a good breakfast will have and get up and make one and save it for tomorrow! 🙂
Katerina X.
The breakfast should be delisious. And there for you will be excited to eat it in the morning. And more imortant you should have the last meal 3 hours befor going to bed
Olga N.
You have to sit down and write out what you are going to eat for a meal. For instance I boil a whole dozen of eggs and then I put them back in the carton and make sure you label it cooked. I also drink tea or coffee with my dinner and I like it cold so I make I in the morning and put it in the fridge for later. When you know what you want to eat, then you can see if you can prepare it a head of time.
Ella P.
Well I personally would set a reminder to do it on my phone and try to make it a routine before I go to bed. I feel alarms work best for me if I do it when the alarm goes off
Nahui N.
1. Have a dish idea in mind

2. Vegetable prep-chopping at night and then placing in the fridge

3. Promise yourself not place the burners on high to avoid burning

Sam Z.
Add it to your evening routine! For the questions, write something like “I will set up my breakfast to feel good tomorrow” and say that aloud every time.
Morgan U.
Place a puece of fruit, or all the ingredients to a protein smoothie out so its a quick 30 seconds and out the door! Or start nakibg over night oats and voila instant breaky!!
Mariam F.
Just think about how much you will achieve in the morning and not wasting an hour on make the perfect breakfast then you will want to meal prep it for the next day so you can start your day early
Aakanksha C.
I can do meal prep at the beginning of the week. Not exactly complete but enough that I don't waste my time thinking about what to eat the previous day. Once done I shall not have to waste time about thinking and exhauting myself in wondering do I have this or that. Since I know what to eat the next day, I can now worry only about getting it done for the next day. Which becomes a routine habit.
Christian C.
I don’t have an answer for how to motivate yourself to do this other than just thinking of how much easier it will be for you in the morning. You will feel much better when you do it and the morning will be easier. Even if you don’t want to do it sometimes you just have to push yourself and get it done.
Audrey E.
While watching your favourite tv program, there's probably a commericial break. Make your breakfast during the break, so it's less boring and you do something usefull! (If there's no break, do it at the end of a show or episode!) GOOD LUCK !:)
Arron Z.
I like to have some things on hand that don’t require any prep work at all for mornings that are hard. Examples include bananas and single serving yogurt or cottage cheese. Then when I’m really tired, I just grab one and eat it. I also sometimes boil eggs in sets when I have more energy. That way, I’m making multiple days’ worth of breakfast at the same time. Quiches and breakfast casseroles can also work well if, like me, you have more energy to cook on the weekend and less during the week.
Leigh N.
I can set up my breakfast things on the dinning room table. Maybe boil eggs the night before and put my vitamins on the table as well.