How do you stay on track when it comes to eating a great breakfast when busy?

Guillaume Z.
Do meal prep. Cut up fresh fruits at night and put them in a plastic container (berries, pineapple, oranges, watermelon). You can also prep a simple sandwich like peanut butter on wheat toast. Don't forget the water!
Hazael Y.
My mornings always feel busy, so I totally get it. I do a few different things. Every Friday I meal plan for the next week starting Monday, which tells me what I’m having for breakfast every day and every other meal. I meal prep on Saturday/Sunday. I hate reheated eggs but I chop up whatever I’m having in my eggs or prep what I’m having with them (I tend to do a piece of bred with turkey and cheese and maybe some fruit with my eggs). I also will have a protein shake if I don’t have time to make eggs. I use a vegan protein powder, almond milk, agave, pumpkin spice or cinnamon, ice and a splash of coffee. I will sometimes also throw in some fiber and greens as well. It’s super filling and easy when you need to run out of the house. I put it in my shaker jug and just shake it on my way out the door!
Kader T.
I eating a very simple one. I prepare same of them. I cut tomatoes and cheese so when I wake up there are only two things left, breed and egg. Oh also I need coffee and the machine makes my coffee. So my advice is prepare something you want the day before.
Have a nice and lovely day!
Jacqueline E.
I make up coconut oatmeal on Sunday (it takes just as much time to make 7 as it does 1!) Then I put them in mason jars. During the week, all I need to do is microwave it for 2min. And if I don't even have that I'll throw it in my bag and microwave it at work!
Steph N.
Every night before I go to bed, I write out a check list of everything I want to achieve in my morning. I make sure to include my breakfast and exactly what I am going to make. Each morning I go through my check list to ensure I get through everything on my routine.
Alba B.
I try to always keep it simple since I'm busy (or late) most of the time. Try some iogurt with oatmeal and fruit or nuts. Add a big of dark chocolate if you are feeling it ;). If you have a bit more time and what to make it fancy try toast with cheese (ricotta or cream or somethinf of the sort) and smoked or marinated salmon on top. And don't forget some fruit! An apple, banana or some strawberries, whatever you prefer. You can even decorate that to make it fancier but it's delicious and healthy all the way. And still simple 🙂
Josh F.
When I know that I’m going to be busy I opt for breakfasts that I can make before hand. It requires a little bit of planning but something like overnight oats, a homemade granola parfait or making the banana pancake batter the night before works for me. There are a lot of recipes online if you even want to make a breakfast bar!
Parinaz X.
If I have more time in the morning, I don’t worry about it as much, but I try to make sure to have breakfast options that are easy to have on the go. A banana and peanut butter is a fast option that is pretty easy to bring with you. I think being able to have a variety of breakfast options is key!
Ir Q.
if i know i am going to hwve busy start to my day i will often prepare breakfast the night before. for example maybe i’m having a smoothie i will collect all the fruit and such and place it in a plastic bag in the freezer. then come morning, i throw the bag in the blender with some juice and yogurt and voila! super simple will take you three minutes maximum:)
Δώρα Παπανικολάου N.
I’m so used to eating a nice breakfast that I now look forward to it every day! I can’t go without eating something in the morning!
Olivia S.
Set time aside to prep the night before so your breakfast can be a quick, grab and go while still being healthy. Portion out your frozen smoothie ingredients into a ziploc bag in the freezer so it’s just a matter of dumping it into your blender and adding your non-frozen ingredients to whip it up. Super helpful when you don’t have the time to cook a hot breakfast in the morning!
Lydia Y.
waking up just 10 minutes earlier can give you the time to grab a banana and some almond butter. also sometimes i like to prepare low sugar smoothies with protein that can last for an entire week of breakfasts! if that's not going to work you could prepare some boiled eggs the night before which can also last a while. worst comes to worst, you will just have to skip breakfast, but that's ok. the important part is maintaining the habit!
Rentia O.
Plan the breakfast the night before – if you visualise it you might get excited for it and determined to do it.

If you’re really busy then maybe prep the night before too.

Daniel Y.
I keep things consistent. I pretty much eat the same thing each morning with only a slight variation: eggs, a carb (bagels or toast or pancakes), and bacon or sausage.
Pietertje N.
Having something easy at hand like a protein bar or some nuts is great. Also making smoothies with spinach or kale takes no time at all
Isa Q.
I have a very hard time doing that, what I do is plan my meals out for the week and prepare as much as I can the night before. It makes it easier in the morning when I'm in a rush
Allison J.
Focus on recipes you can make and take on the road. Muffins, smoothies, etc. you can even make a fruit parfait with granola. Preparation ahead might be helpful if you’re super busy. You can bake a breakfast casserole for the week. #1 easiest quick breakfast is a few spoonfuls of peanut butter, an apple and a handful of nuts
Magliane S.
I stay on track by thinking about my future, and my goals and how I will be rewarded in life for just one good desicion.