Is it healthy to eat eggs every day at breakfast? If not, what can be a good breakfast program for the week?

Peyton U.
Eggs are amazing breakfast but you get bored of eggs then you can also eat oatmeal and place your favourite fruit toppings and your superb breakfast is ready…..
Daisy X.
I personally think eggs everyday are fine. But you can mix it up with things like nut butter on toast or avocado on toast
Leonildo Z.
For what I have read there is not problem to eat eggs every day at breakfast… But in the case you get bored of it peanut butter it’s a good alternative. ✌🏼
Frithjof X.
Eggs are very bad for your health. All the cholesterol you need is produced in your body, any more cholesterol is bad for you.
I try to follow plant-based diet, and my go-to breakfast is oats with nuts and fruits.
Suzy U.
I guess it is not ok to be everyday ..
day: 4 tbsp oats with yogurt or milk with fruits and nuts
Day: toast with cottage cheese with olive oil and origano .. tomato or cucumber
Day: beans (black or fava beans) bread and salad
Emma F.
Eggs contains quite a lot of protein and supply several vitamins and minerals so it’s healthy for breakfast incredient but it also contains cholesterol
Nereu B.
It depends on your dietary needs, but in general eggs are a good source of protein and you want to start you day with something more protein heavy. How you make the eggs is probably more important (not adding a bunch of oil or crazy toppings)
Olivia P.
Eating eggs is absolutely healthy to do every day! Unless you have concerns about cholesterol, they are the best source of morning protein and are delicious! I wouldn’t eat more than 2 eggs and avoid cooking them in too much butter or oil. I think they are the most convenient thing in the morning and paired with a yogurt and fruit and you have a pretty balanced breakfast.
Lilian O.
I don't eat eggs everyday in my culture another good source of protein is beef liver. I also eat fish like mackerel sardines and tuna for the variety as well as they are good sources of Omega 3 and proteins. I am no expert on whether or not you can eat eggs everyday but my husband did for almost a whole year and he is very healthy according to our doctor.
Habacuc C.
I eat eggs almost everyday. I add oatmeal or muesli with chia and flax seeds and i drink hot chocolate / cacao without sugar 3 times a week
Lissandra E.
Depends on your activity and your body. I do day yes day no. I alternate with oats and fruit and eggs with something (ex:avocado)
Pit Goras Q.
I used to eat a microwaved egg with ham and cheese everyday for breakfast and I loved it. Didn’t have any problems until I had a blood test done and it stated that I had a sensibility to egg whites, among other things. I changed my breakfast and other aspects of my diet and found that I bloated much less.
Jakob U.
I don't eat eggs everyday, but that doesn't mean that you aren't able to eat them everyday! I like better a bowl of mixed fruit with Greek yogurt as a healthy way to begin my day! I hope this helps!
Lilou C.
I think it is Healthy, but don’t bake them. Just cooked or raw. I use one raw egg in my smoothie as breakfast every day.
Ramon B.
Yes, it is healthy to eat eggs every day (anytime), however, it might not be a good way to keep on track of your habit if you prefer variety. Here are Some Ideas:
– Yogurt and granola
– Banana with Peanut butter
– Oatmeal and fruit
– or you can try making the eggs different ways?
– omelets
– on toast
– Benedict
– frittata
– egg white omelet
Sebastiana C.
Depends. If there is concern about saturated fats, you may want to limit the amount. Oatmeal or a protein fruit smoothie on some days would be good.
Elouan C.
Eggs can be good a few times a week but not every day, and it probably depends on exercise and cholesterol levflz. An apple with peanut butter is good or oats
Gregory P.
Eggs are great! And I’ve never heard of an egg every day being unhealthy, but if you’re getting tired of eating the same thing all the time, try protein rich veggies like Kale and Spinach, or Beans. Quinoa is also a good Protein to start the day. When all else fails, peanutbutter on apples is a fail safe!
Nellie F.
It is healthier to vary food choices. Eat eggs two or 3 times, and fill in with cereals, hot or cold, fruit and other things.
Emma P.
Eggs are great depending on some of your other goals like energy or weight loss. My absolute favorite breakfast is some type of protein shake with a high quality protein, fiber and some fruit!
Eduardo R.
It depends on the course you take. The most important thing is to make sure the breakfast you took is in accordance to the food pyramid.
Micha F.
It sure is healthy to eat eggs for everyday as long as you keep it on scale. But also if you mix the protein with some light carbs, it'll make the digestion process longer and you'll still feel full and fuel your body.
Juanita S.
Eggs are an excellent source of protein. Protein is effective at fueling your muscles and helping you feel fuller longer.
Christoffer B.
Eggs every day is fine if they are egg whites. The yolks are a little fatty so a good idea is to give yourself a break and sub your egg protein with peanut butter or Greek yogurt one or two days a week. A sandwich with banana and peanut butter on whole grain thin sliced bread is a good option or plain Greek yogurt with honey, nuts and frozen or fresh fruit is another. Variety is helpful for optimal health but try not to do more than 2 breakfast options in the first few weeks. This time is about establishing a healthy habit… and the easier it is to do the easier it will be to commit to. I hope this is helpful and good luck on your journey!
Rose X.
In Europe breakfast is frequently good cheese, a little salami, fresh fruit with a dollop of yogurt. Protein, fruit and milk.
Perp Tuo P.
It isn't technically unhealthy. However I think it is good for the body to mix up thev variety of proteins for breakfast. Besides you may get sick of it as well.
Aurore Q.
I mean, I am egg, milk and gluten intolerant so I normally eat something else than eggs, but I think that eggs are very healthy but your diet should have many things in it. That means that u should eat eggs but not everyday. One day you eat eggs and the other you eat oatmeal:)
All the best


Luize Z.
Yes, the latest studies and meta analysis recommend eating even more than one eggs on a daily basis. Actually, eggs are one of the best breakfasts, so well done keep up the good work
Indiara Q.
Eat Advocado, hummus with toasts and a fresh fruit. Salty Porridge is good too with greens and feta cheese, for example.
Glenda X.
It is not healthy to eat eggs for breakfast everyday, you need to have variety… Always use a big portion of veggies with a little of protein you can take seeds some days instead of eggs; seeds have all aminoacids and essential oils.
Blanka Q.
Eggs are perfectly fine everyday. If however, the same thing each day bores you, try steel cut oats with some nuts or some plain yogurt with fresh fruit on top.
Mat O S.
Eating eggs for breakfast is a great way to start your morning. Eggs provide protein which is needed to fuel our bodies with energy without the carbohydrates found in starchy sugary choices
David C.
I think it's okay to eat eggs for breakfast. But it's also good to have something else besides eggs. oatmeal a small bowl of fruit, crepes, breakfast burritos. There's so many different food to add to breakfast😊
Lea C.
I think, that ahead planning of one week's breakfasts will help you a lot. I don't like eating all the same things every day, also playing with healthy ingredients is fun. I enjoy banana scoops (banana ice-cream), healthy granola with almond milk, chia pudding with coconut milk, healthy pancakes made with almond flour or with just banana and eggs. Have fun and store ingredients nearby so every breakfast to be pleasure 😊
Diane F.
In my opinion eating eggs is one of the healthiest things you can do. It’s a super food! Be sure to add variety to your daily eggs so it doesn’t get too boring too quick!
Arthur T.
Yes it is, eggs all the way

Fruit (apple, banana)
peanut butter
Plain yoghurt
(Basically, PROTEIN)

Storm W.
I think eggs are a healthy choice for breakfast and it wouldn’t hurt to eat them daily. Ultimate variety will serve you better. Healthy whole grains like oats with fruit is a nice choice also. Quinoa with parmesan cheese on top is a good source of protein. For a quick breakfast, celery sticks with almond butter , topped with fresh blueberries taste great!
Leta U.
Eggs have lots of protein which will keep you fulfilled for longer, they also contain lots of cholesterol, however. I’m a vegan myself and I prefer complex carbs, like oatmeal, some nutbutter for protein and fats and then maybe some fruit. if you prefer savoury breakfasts, wholemeal bread with avocado or some sauteed vegetables could be an option. Beans on toast provide protein as well. I hope this is of any use for you!
Perry S.
Despite a lot of misinformation in 80’s, eggs are very healhty. My breakfast everyday consists of one scrambled egg, a bowl of high fiber cereal with 1% milk and a fruit serving. It’s quick and pretty balanced