What are some creative healthy breakfasts that can be prepped ahead or require little prep time?

Walter S.
I have been making frozen burritos ahead of time! It's a one time time investment and then you have it all week. Use large flour tortillas (easier to fold) and fillings that freeze well (think: eggs, potatoes, COOKED onions peppers mushrooms, not tomatoes or avocado). Let everything cool before assembling. To reheat, wrap in a damp paper towel and microwave 3 minutes or do what I do and defrost on the 2lb setting. Bon Appetite has a good guide on their website!

Silke C.
Frittata with veggies; grain bowl with eggs and veggies; Bircher museli; hard boiled eggs on toast with butter and marmite;

Marcela P.
Well theres omelettes, or any egg based breaks are a good idea. Cutting up the beg or meat the night before can save time in the morning. Try porridge with raisins, blackberrys, blueberries or any other fruit you like

Henryk E.
Overnight oatmeal is a great option. You get to choose what you want on it and is a great source of fiber. You cook the oats with either water or choice of milk and keep it in the fridge until morning. When you’re ready to read eat it, just take it out and add you’re favorite toppings. You can ask heat the oatmeal up first if that’s your preference.

Gustav E.
Lay out 4 sandwich size zipup bags, cut two apples, 3 bananas, and throw in bites of gronola or almonds, spread them into even 4 servings, stock in the fridge. Then for the next four mornings, u can just grab and go.

Vanessa Z.
A good muesli with fresh fruit, some quick fried eggs on toast with avocado and tomatoes, peanut butter on apple slices or a good smoothie with your choice of milk, a banana, some greens, nuts or berries

Owen E.
Oats with yoghurt and chopped fruit Adding chopped nuts or chia is also a plus. If you have frozen fruit instead, cook them up so they release also some syrup and use those instead. Eventually add some water to make it the consistency you prefer, as oats tend to absord a lot of water. Mix all the same day or the night before.

Melinda P.
I gained a little inspiration from something I bought from the grocery store: a package of granola and little cubes of cheese. I think this is a great breakfast for someone who doesn't each much in the morning.

Ella N.
Make quiche. Put breading in a muffin tin, add chopped up meat and vegetables, then crack a few eggs and add those. Put cheese on top and bake in the oven. After this, while they're still hot, add more cheese to melt. Then, when cool, put them in a container separated by wax paper and put them in the freezer. All you have to to is take them out of the freezer each morning and heat it up in the microwave. Enjoy!

Sophie Z.
In the past (trying to get back in the groove now!) I’ve really enjoyed making egg cups! You can chop up a bunch of different veggies (Broccoli, spinach, mushrooms, peppers, garlic for seasoning, etc) and place them in a muffin tin, before whisking up some eggs and pouring them into the tin (and then the oven)! They’re really portable, and you can also put things like cheese in them as well! For sweets/fruit in the morning, overnight oats have been really great for me as well! (Tossing things like bananas, apples, etc and oats/milk into a mason jar overnight) they’re ready in a night and also very portable! I hope this helps, you’ve got this!

Tinita P.
cook some brown rice the night before, as well as some tofu.
In the morning have three quarters of a cup of rice, add some soy milk like you would with cereal. Then add a dollop of your favourite natural yoghurt with no added sugar. Cut up half a cup to a cup of fresh fruit, add some tofu and mix.
Tastes delicious and will keep you going for quite a while without feeling hungry.

Robert F.
I use couscous, when I am limited by time. 1:1 cereals and water and wait 8minutes and breakfast is done. Add some fruits and nuts to make it most delicious breakfast

Louis C.
I usually make 3 eggs over medium, 2 slices of bacon, and 1 thing of oatmeal right in the morning. Sometimes I cut the bacon out depending on my schedule.
Also I replace breakfast with a protein shake once a week.
In the protein shake I put kale or greens, a banana, strawberries, blueberries, ice, the protein mix, almond milk, and a spoon of peanut butter. It usually takes 5 mins or less to make.

Sofia F.
Overnight oats: plain rolled oats, milk (dairy or nut, as you like), cinnamon, nuts, raisins. Whatever combination. Throw it all together the night before and put it in your fridge. It will be ready for breakfast the next day.

Adam A.
Normally I have a small bowl of oatmeal for breakfast, with some fruit or nine grain toast, but if I were to have a bigger breakfast, I would want something like avocado toast. I would prep the spread the night before. And also I would try some homemade yogurt parfait that would be prepared for the night before.

Aline N.
Whole wheat toast with a little peanut butter and apple slices are a go-to. Yogurt is a great grab and go as well as strong cheese/fruit of choice.

Jucimara P.
I am in good company because I need help with creative healthy breakfasts recipes. I wake up very hungry & need to eat. Pre-planning the night before will help. The next few days I will be looking in magazines, on line & asking friends what they like to eat for breakfast!