Is the egg really the best option for protein ?

Elizabeth Z.
I happen to love eggs and I rarely get tired of eating them. They are inexpensive which my inner Scrooge approves of. I have also noticed that if I have a protein packed breakfast I am less likely to want a mid morning snack. So yes they are a great source of protein if you love eggs. If you have to force yourself to eat them then the best source of protein is something you like.
Guy Z.
Yes, the eggs are delecious and make me feel strong and full of energy also i felt i can stay in focus for longer in my day
Ernesta E.
An egg is a great option for protein and is very easy to access but I wouldn't necessarily say it's the best protein. There are many options available for protein such as meat and legumes.
Simon F.
Especially regarding breakfast, it is! And especially for me. Proteins that are low in fat and break down slowly are the best options, and eggs fulfill that criteria while, in my opinion, being a little low in flavor, which is ideal for mornings for me. There are other options, like peanut butter and beans, but those aren't things I know how to incorporate into a quick breakfast I'd actually enact!! Making eggs the best!
Sheryl E.
I'm not a nutritionist but yes, eggs contain protein and make you feel full so they're a very valid option to eat for breakfast.
Lynn F.
The egg whites are probably the best way to ingest protein though the yellow part can potentially increase cholesterol levels if it is taken in great dosages. That though can be easily avoided by not hardboiling the eggs and preparing them in a way that is keeping the yolk liquid. Other good sources of protein are salmon and tuna though research has shown that increasing levels of quick silver are being found in them
because of the depths of the ocean that they are usually found so long term consumption of them can be potentially harmful, and also the cost a lot more than eggs so financially are a less sustainable option. Of course they can still be consumed every once in a while to mix the palate up!
Anna P.
In my opinion, no. There are protiens that are a lot less fatty and a lot healthier such as beans and légumes, tofu etc.
Laffey R.
Actually no as you see in 100g meat have 26g protein with unhealthy fats while in 100g beans there is 21g of protein with fibers and actually you only need 15g of protein per day
Erin O.
It is a good option but not necessarily the best. Nuts are another good source of protein and provides other valuable nutrients as well. Yogurt, especially Greek yogurt, also has a surprising amount of protein and comes packed with probiotics that are good for digestion!
Scarlett O.
Great question! Definetly not. Increases your bad cholesterol and causes a lot of other issues. I recommend you watch 'the game changers' documentary on Netflix. 😊
Rachel P.
It depends on what you are looking for so "best" is hard to evaluate. It is a great source of protein. Plus it is nutritious, affordable, versatile, and quick to prepare.
Sherri N.
I have no idea if it’s the best source of protein. But it’s relatively quick, easy and inexpensive making it an accessible option.
Celina W.
Yes. Every morning I try to have an egg or two and that usually helps my day run smoother and I am less hungry. Unless doing a protein shake, i would stick with eggs in the morning.
Bianca O.
Statistically yes, it's a good source of daily protein and on top of that, there is plenty of variety. However it isn't always easy to make in the morning quickly
James T.
I think a quicker and easier protein option includes nuts, peanut butter, and oats/grains but eggs are some of the most versatile.
Margaux J.
No. Although it has a good amount of protein, it is high in cholesterol. There are other options like seitan, tempeh, and lentils. Just keep researching, the options are huge, don’t limit yourself.