What is a healthy alternative for breakfast for someone that doesn’t eat eggs or can’t buy fruit?

Marcus W.
Oats are good, corn flakes, as well as uhmm fried potatoes or a vegetable sandwich. Milk. There are various alternatives i would suggest to have any one or two things from above in the morning breakfast.

Alexandre E.
Anything can be breakfast. It doesn’t have to be traditional breakfast food. Avocado on toast is good or just toast. You can have a sandwich or a protein bar.

Laura N.
A healthy alternative woild be a few slices of bread fried in a frying pan. Make sure you use butter as oil on the pan. Flip each slice once as soon as one side becomes bright yellow. Serve with orange juice if you like.

Kelya U.
You could eat oatmeal without fruit it would be great, you can also eat bread or any type of sugar free cereal, yogurt is also good!