Is it best to eat something before exercising first thing in the morning?

Rayne E.
Yes. But you want it to be something light otherwise you will feel more weighed down than energized. Something like a cup of coffee and a handful of almonds should do the trick. Or water and a banana. Keep it simple 🙂
Melchior T.
Having a LIGHT snack before exercising in the morning can help a lot. Avoid eating full meals before exercising first thing in the morning.
Rose A.
It’s better to have a little something before exercising—maybe a half a protein bar or a half a banana. That way my body has a little sugar in it and it can start some of its necessary functions while I’m initiating my workout plan!
Diamond O.
I prefer to eat after, in case I push hard, don’t want anything to throw up. Plus more comfortable stretching and compressing on an empty stomach
Jo F.
I'm not sure, but I eat when done exercising. I feel better that way. My workouts are sometimes very hard so I do not want to vomit.
Aaron J.
I don’t know what is technically correct but I like eating a little something before I exercise in the morning. I am the kind of person who needs to have something on the stomach right after waking or I feel a little sick. I find that a bowl of healthy cereal with soy or almond milk and fruit on top keeps me full and energized through my workout without making me feel too full. Eating first thing in the morning after you’ve had some water helps kick start your metabolism as well.
Wyatt Z.
I think it depends on the type, level, and length of exercise. If it's just a brisk walk around the block for half hour or less, then I'd like to go with an empty stomach as it gives me more clarity. However, if it's a one hour exercise of strength training, then I think it's important to eat something like a nut bar to gain energy so you won't stop halfway done due to hunger.
Sophia O.
For myself, eating before exercising would ensure that I have enough energy to get through a workout. However, eating first thing in the morning makes me queasy, which makes it significantly less likely that I will follow through with exercising. So for myself, no. It isn't better to eat before exercising first thing in the morning.
Angela E.
Not always. There are some days when I’m simply not hungry. These are the days I’ll drink a protein drink with my coffee and call it good. However I believe it’s always good to take a moment in the morning and evaluate how you feel. If you need breakfast, eat the breakfast! ❤️
Mohamed Z.
Actually, I don't know the right answer to this question but I eat my breakfast after exercising, and it feels better.
So I think it's better to do what makes you feel comfortable with it.
Julia P.
It doesn't matter if you eat before or after working out as long as you have some lean protein to help muscle repair. I find as a general rule if I am doing weights, I want to eat before, cardio I want to eat after.
Ga L Y.
yes because it gives energy for the workout and really fuels the entire day. It will help feel more energized qnd stick with you longer hroroficbjsoaidjdndksodjxbxnkxjejwjdjdjdieowoksndbdndjeklwlskdndnndndkdkslslelsldl
Carla F.
When time permits, it’s best to have a small breakfast first with some coffee to shake off the cobwebs of slumber. The energy and time it takes to prepare and eat the small breakfast will make the workout more enjoyable. After the workout, you can have another small breakfast. In general, I think it’s a good idea to try to eat and drink something before morning exercise begins.
Suzanne N.
Yes it is. Your body needs the fuel first thing in the morning . You can tailor the meal according to your workout regimen and weight loss/gain goals. Eat more calorie dense foods to gain weight and more low calorie fiber filled and nutrient dense greens for weight loss.
Miroslawa E.
I think I should try to eat a little protein or something before an actual workout, like a pb&j or something. Not a full meal tho.
Britni Y.
It’s best to try out both and see what your body agrees with. I personally prefer to workout after I’ve eaten something light, and then wait at least thirty minutes for it to settle. It gives me more energy and I don’t feel like I’m going to pass out.
Kelsey N.
It's different for everyone, so listen to your body. Personally I cannot eat before my morning workout or I feel like garbage (heavy and like I'm gonna hurl). However, on mornings that I run I sometimes eat like 4 cashews or a Graham cracker square because running a long distance on a totally empty stomach sucks, but very small amount of very mild food seems to help. After I exercise I then eat a big meal and start the rest of my day. Point being, try some stuff out and iterate. If you eat a great breakfast and work out and you feel amazing, then try it again and if it is amazing again then keep at it. If you try that and it sucks, switch it up and try something else. Write down how you feel and what you ate and after a couple weeks see if there are any patterns. Only your body can tell you whether or not you can/should eat before working out, and what to eat.
Nikki A.
I would assume yes, in order to give your body the fuel/energy it needs to engage in physical activity. Unfortunately, my lifestyle doesn’t necessarily allow me to eat breakfast first. I have very young children, and sometimes mommy eating isn’t priority. But I do ok doing activity before breakfast time.
Johanna L.
If you usually eat in the morning, maybe have something light like a fruit in the morning before your workout then actual breakfast adterwards.
Timothy Y.
I generally wait untill after I excercise to eat my breakfast. Whenever I have eaten before running It bothers my stomach. I do eat something with protein as soon as possible after my workout.
Samii P.
I don’t think so, but some people feel sick if they don’t eat before a workout. I intermittently fast (I only eat 8 hours out of the day) and I skip breakfast. A light to moderate workout is fine for me before eating. Some studies have even shown working out before eating can help weight loss because your body has to find a fuel source (which ideally will be body fat). But it is a matter of preference. If you are someone who feels sick without breakfast, or will think about a meal the entire workout, maybe look for a small, protein packed breakfast before getting moving.
Clifford J.
i think we can eat something before exercise cause you need energy to do exercise i think we can eat fruits before exercise
Dan W.
I think it depends on what kind of exercise you're planning. If it's a long run, you'll definitely need something to eat beforehand, but a 20 minute yoga session you'd be fine without.
Lindsay N.
I think it really depends on how your body reacts to an increased heart rate. I usually have something small like half of a banana or some bell pepper (particularly those for the healthy sugars). If I don't eat something I usually can't finish my workout because I feel so sick to my stomach. My husband, on the other hand, is the opposite. If he eats anything before working out, it'll come back up.