What do you normally eat as a good healthy breakfast?

Anna Y.
I do normally eat eggs with tomato, onion and salt. These have a complement of fruits like kiwi, banana, orange or apple.
For drink I usually make a great coffe!
Charlie T.
It depends on the day. Sometimes, I make myself breakfast sandwiches that contain lettuce, tomatoes, sausages, eggs and cheese.

Another day, I will make myself an omelet that contains spinach, mushroom, carrots and cheese.

When I do not have enough time, I make yogurt with chia seeds and berries.

Regina Z.
Scrambled egg whites seasoned with garlic bread and pepper sprinkled liberally with ketchup; sweet potatos diced, coated with olive oil, pepper, and garlic salt and strawberries on the side.
Joyce N.
Eggs, mushrooms, peppers, chilli, cucumbers, flax seeds, muesli, cereals, sunflower seeds, nuts. Coffee, green tea, juice, water. Alkaline water, apple cider vinegar, aloe water, sativa nigella
Helenice O.
I often try to involve some fruit and I try not to get stuck eating the exact same breakfast everyday, even though I do that sometimes. But I try to switch out the normal toast for some yoghurt with berries or some darker bread with some vegetables. And drink some nice juice to it.