Is it normal that I feel I need to eat breakfast in courses? I do not like the feeling of a heavy meal as soon as I wake up. I start with fruit, then exercise, then come back and eat my eggs with salad or peanuts or oatmeal.

Krin Q.
It is a fantastic idea. The fruit will cleanse your palate and refresh you, the exercise will help you wake and then you fuel up for the day ahead. Better than normal i think 🙂
Duane X.
It is totally normal but you have to do your one breakfast what best is for you I always drink water eat some bread and then go exercise.
Stefani B.
Eating a healthy breakfast is a good choice. The word breakfast is "break – fast" which means breaking the fast from a great sleep. So by eating a Good breakfast our body turns to be energetic to do job in a great way 😊😊
Evellyn Z.
You don’t need to eat breakfast as soon as you wake up if it is working for you! I do the same as you do! I always skip breakfast, I usually eat a banana and after the running I come back and have my breakfast
Joann F.
It is normal thats just how your body works and i think its good to do it in courses because eating all at once you might feel bloated ir to full to do anything
Claire Q.
Do what is good for you and your body. Some people need a larger meal as soon as they wake up. Some people need a little fruit or toast. Some people don’t need food at all in the morning. Do what is right for you. If you feel energized from eating breakfast in portions, I say do it!
Jesus E.
Of course it's normal! Everyone is different. If Eating in variations helps you eat a full and nutritious meal then go right for it! Goodluck!!😄
Martin Y.
That is totally normal! I think it’s great that you’re being mindful and listening to your body. Sometimes I wake up and just don’t want a full breakfast right away either. I don’t think there’s any reason to force it. One thing I might suggest trying if you’re not already doing so is not eating or snacking past 9 pm and see if that changes how you feel in the morning. Otherwise keep on going, you’re doing great!
Debbie F.
I think eating in stages is fine. Especially if your going to exercise first. One suggestion would be to eat some protein before you exercise for energy and food for your muscles. Good job and keep it up!!
Dennis G.
it is completely normal to do this. some days i eat breakfast all at once and somedays i prefer just to have a piece of fruit and then eat more later. don’t worry about the way you prefer to eat breakfast, you do you!!
Jesus E.
Eating something light before exercising sounds like a good idea, giving you a little bit of a boost while you do your workout without making you feel bloated, usually after exercise your appetite sky rockets due to the calories you have burned. So eating a bit more after is a good way to replenish your body. Always listen to your body, it is your best guide. Thanks and good luck!
Fatima U.
Yes it is completely normal as long as you are having a breakfast good enough to fuel energy into your day, you can do what works best for you,if having it in small portions spread throughout a time period works for you, then you do you boo♥️
Expedito Q.
If that is how you feel about your body, then I guess it is normal. Our body responds differently and it is also in the case of eating. If it makes you more energized and satisfied, I suggest that you continue this kind of habit.
Ankit T.
Hey, That’s a great question. This seems normal to me.

Heavy meal makes you drowzy or lazy.

Breaking up diet helps with constant energy build up.

Specially when you exercise in between , as you mentioned.

Check your energy level, if you feel energized then continue with this motivated journey

Ansh N.
I think it is OK. It is common for many people to not eat heavy meals in morning. I know that it is believed that the breakfast you eat should be the heaviest of all (lunch and dinner). However, if you want to eat more but can’t as you feel heavy, it is fine to eat it in bit. However, I won’t recommend you to eat directly before and after exercise as it is not good (you can search that topic)

If you want the full benefit of eating something good in the morning, you can always carry some fruits or granola bars with your when leaving your house for work or school and eat that during the journey

Hope it helps

Sakina Z.
Yes I would prefer that as it helps me get in routine to eat my breakdst, heavy meals would make me doubt my challenges so definitely yes courses
Russell Q.
Absolutely. Eating a small fruit and working out is my favorite. I ideally have a banana and go for a run. I can't exercise with a full belly.