If I am not a breakfast person, how do you recommend I become one?

Emma E.
I think you shoud start with something small like a small glass of smoothie or just a little bit of cereal with milk. For exemple I just eat an avocado sandwich today and tomorow I eat cereal. I was always a breakfast person so I don't think my answer will be that helpful for you. Everyone has different methods so I would say to ask more people about it and see what works for you.
Caroline F.
try to have some nuts or something to give you sustenance. Slowly increase your intake over the days. Look at caffeine consumption and try not to have too much coffee and too quickly after waking up as this can increase cortisol and trick your body into thinking it’s not hungry
Sofie C.
I would recommend starting with something small and refreshing I guess starting with a nice fruit or yogurt could be nice. You don’t have to have a big breakfast. I personally feel like some breakfast foods are harder in the morning than others like eating oatmeal I could never stomach it, but that doesn’t mean that I had to endorse it . Also just appreciating sitting down and taking a moment in the morning. I think those are things that could help you.
Thiago S.
You should start slowly with small, like just a fitness bar or an apple, and then increase the amount of food you eat in the morning 🙂